CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 18th, 2015
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It can take me a while to do a golf glove review.  The reason is I don’t wear golf gloves normally.  I may go months without wearing one, but when conditions are wet and my grips slipping, I’ll put one on.  Now is the hot and sweaty part of summer and with my super soft grips they can get slick if my hands are slightly sweaty.  So it is glove time.  Perfect opportunity to test out the new CaddyDaddy golf glove.

Golf Glove photo

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


  • Tack-Fusion Palm – super sticky and lots of gripping power
  • Full Motion Mesh
  • Micro-Suede
  • Machine Washable
  • Included Ball Marker
  • 100% Synthetic Materials
  • USGA Conforming

Fit and Comfort

The reason I don’t like golf gloves is that they thicken up my grip and spacing between my fingers etc. It makes the feel of the club seem different enough to change my swing. The Talon is thin enough that I don’t have the feeling that my grip is wrong.  It is comfortable, thin, and doesn’t interfere with my swing or feel.


The glove is very sharp looking with white base and gray/red trim.   Nothing too crazy or outlandish design-wise, so it would work well with just about any apparel script.

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


Most importantly this grip is mega-tacky.  That’s why I’m wearing a glove in the first place, because my hand is slipping and I’m losing power.  Even in moist conditions the glove provides 100% grip.


The grip is so remarkable and solid that I’m surprised this glove is legal for play.