Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67 Golf GPS Watch Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 24th, 2013
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WR67 Designer Golf GPS Wristwatch by Expresso Satellite Navigation

WR67 Designer Golf GPS Wristwatch by Expresso Satellite Navigation

I was playing golf with a guy a few weeks ago who seemed so preoccupied with the time and his schedule. It was driving me nuts. He kept looking and looking at his watch before every shot. It was a slow round, but not that slow. Finally I asked him if he was in a hurry or something. It turned out that he was using a golf GPS watch and simply getting his yardages!

The tables turned on me a few short weeks later. I was testing the new Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67 Golf Satellite GPS Watch. Sure enough, one of my playing partners asked, “what’s your hurry?” I couldn’t help but laugh as I told him his ball was 147 front, 158 middle and 170 back…

WR67 Overview

The Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67 Golf GPS Watch brings all the regular features of a bulky golf GPS unit, but delivers them in a wristwatch format. The numbers are big and easy to read with front, middle and back readings on one screen.

The watch automatically detects the course and hole from its internal library of 25,000 courses.

Along with the great GPS features, the watch tracks shot distances. When hitting a shot, click the shot button. Then when arriving at the ball click it again. The WR67 tells you exactly how far you just hit it. Be careful though, the numbers may not be as high as you think or want. You don’t hit your 7-iron as far as Tiger Woods. Sorry.

WR67 Charging Connector - click to zoom

WR67 Charging Connector – click to zoom

Hazard yardages are also listed in the watch.

The watch also has an odometer, so you can track how far you’ve gone since you started your round. In the case of my trip to St. Andrews in July of this year, 104 total miles for the week.

To update courses, the attached USB cable is used with Mac or PC. The USB cable also charges the unit. I must say the battery in this golf GPS watch far outlasts a regular GPS in number of rounds. On the last charge I’ve lost count.

On The Course

I’m not big on wearing watches but I did use it for a couple of rounds on the wrist. After that I attached the unit to the top of my golf bag. That’s a perfect spot. I can check the yardage quickly and grab a club right there.

I found that I kept forgetting to track each shot. But when I was curious as to how far I was hitting shots, I would track them. That would give me a good idea of how far all the shots were going on a given day. Sometimes the conditions are such that the ball is flying farther or shorter than normal and that’s good to know.

golf gps watch - click to zoom

Hazards – click to zoom


The hazard yardages are a bit cryptic due to the lack of available digits. For the most part one can logically deduce that RFB is “right fairway bunker” but I kept thinking it was “right front bunker.” Know what FGWC is? Front green water carry. You get the idea.


The $199 WR67 golf GPS watch (found it on Amazon here for $179), is a great value compared to other regular golf GPS units. The GPS and shot tracking functions are great, plus it serves as a cool watch and odometer when not on the golf course.

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WORX Golf Wedges

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 10th, 2013
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WORX Sand Wedge

WORX Sand Wedge

Today I’m reviewing a very unusual golf club from WORX, a “hybrid wedge.”  No, I don’t think the club can replace your 3-iron and your lob wedge.

WORX Sand Wedge

I’m reviewing the WORX sand wedge specifically.  This is a wedge with a huge, fat head.  The big head isn’t just a gimmick.  There are real physical properties in such a club design that can make it a good fit for certain players.  The large rounded sole has a lot of bounce, which makes it great for situations like sand traps.  The club will bounce off the surface and not dig in.  For players who have trouble getting out of the sand or deep lies in the rough, this type of design could be a big help.


Loft: 55°
Lie: 64°
Bounce: 12°
Length 35.25″

On The Course

Hitting this club takes some getting used to.  The first few shots I hit poorly because the club bounced so much.  I could hear two sounds, the sound of the club hitting the ground, then hitting the ball.  The rounded leading edge is actually in front of the shaft quite a bit.  That combined with the bounce meant that I had to reposition the ball placement in my stance.  Once I had properly adjusted, I could hit this club just like a regular sand wedge from the fairway or rough.  The distance was the same as a regular sand wedge with a conventional head design.

WORX Wedge - click to zoom

WORX Wedge – click to zoom

The bit difference for me was in the sand.  Normally I’m a very good sand player.  This club cut through and bounced so much more that I was hitting my bunker shots longer, with more carry.  Because of the large and rounded head, opening the blade isn’t like a standard wedge.  I could open it a few degrees but if I opened too many, the blade starts to lift off the ground.  The design of the rounded sole nullifies the need to open the blade though.  So I found myself setting up fairly square in the sand.  After a few swings, I could start to feel the proper distance.

The bounce is quite dramatic and there was hardly a lie I couldn’t get the ball airborne and out of the bunker, even densely packed sand or “muni-dirt.”

WORX golf

WORX Wedge at address – click for more


There are two WORX wedge models available, the 55 degree model I tested and a 51 degree gap wedge.

Pricing for either wedge is $119.00.

Legal For Play

The WORX wedge does have an unconventional design, but it has been deemed legal for stipulated play by the USGA and R&A.


If you struggle with bunker shots, the WORX wedge could be an option to consider.  It certainly delivers as it should, with lots of bounce to get the ball airborne out of sand and many other types of lies.

First Look: The (Golf) Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Categories: Golf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf GearSite News

I was supposed to log my 2nd round of testing “The Ball,” but the cold temperatures and SNOW prevented that endeavor from happening.  So I’ll do a little preview post with a quick photo of a new golf ball called… The Ball.   I’ll be putting The Ball through more playing tests and posting a review in the next weeks.  Stay tuned.

The Ball

The Ball – click to zoom

Here are a couple of paragraphs regarding The Ball from their PR company:

Boston-based startup is aiming to put a spin on tradition in both construction and looks with its first high performance product: The Ball. With a unique 3-piece design and tungsten core, The Ball is constructed to give you maximum distance off the tee, while still having great feel and control around the greens. During flight tests, The Ball offered superior distance off the driver and increased spin off the wedge compared to other leading brands.

The Ball conforms with USGA rules and won’t break the bank, as it retails for $34.99 per dozen (about $10 less than the other premium competitors). Complete with a distinctive appearance and sleek black packaging, golfers can try The Ball‘s cutting-edge golf technology and compare it against the leading brands with a risk-free, 30 day trial.

Opedix Core-Tec Shorts Review – Can Golf Undies Shave Strokes Off Your Game?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 19th, 2013
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Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

1st Tee

Me: “Gentlemen, I’m going to warn you before the round.  I’m going give you all the opportunity to get out of your bets for $2.00 each right now.  I’m wearing special underwear which is guaranteed to help my golf performance and I’ll surely win $4.00 from each of you by the end of the round.”

My Opponents: “Yeah?  We’ll take our chances.”

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts – Kinetic Health Gear

I’ll try anything to shave strokes off my game. The bottle of scotch with the lampshade didn’t quite work but it was fun trying.

The latest thing I tried was the Opedix CORE-Tec shorts. These are performance shorts for athletes (and me). This high compression set of shorts features built in tensioning systems which are designed to support/help the core of the body, back, hip and knee joints during physical activities.

Opedix CORE-Tec Technology

The CORE-Tec shorts provide support to the body’s kinetic chain, the network connecting your bones and joints. Better kinetic health prevents soft tissue injuries and stresses as well as helping reduce joint pain and stiffness.

The CORE-Tec shorts are tested to improve core stability and balance. while reducing low back pain (a bit one for me), muscle fatigue and joint pain.

A 4-way stretch material in these shorts helps blood flow which aids in performance and muscle recovery.

The fabric in the CORE-Tec shorts, similar to many golf apparel items, wicks moisture away from the body.

The breathable material also possesses anti-odor fiber technology.

On The Course

I’ll have to admit that the first time I used these shorts wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. That’s primarily because wasn’t wearing them properly. The top of the shorts is built to extend quite a ways above the beltline, and even the navel. I had them too low, not benefitting from the back support.

The 2nd time around was far better. With the shorts higher I had the nice compression in my lower back, which I need badly since I suffer from arthritis in that area. The support in the hip area was very beneficial as well. At the end of that round I felt no stiffness or aching, unlike a typical round.

An unexpected and great benefit I’m experiencing with the CORE-Tec shorts is the feeling I get in my thighs. Easy girls. I can’t quite describe it, but it did feel like they specifically had more energy.

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts


I have three critiques for the Opedix CORE-Tec shorts. The first is the price, $165. Yes you read that correctly. I realize golfers are crazy and will spend $500 on a driver as easily as they will $6.00 for a bad domestic beer in the cafe, but $165 is pretty steep for undies, no matter how great they are.

I found with certain golf shirts tucked in, that I really had to cinch my belt down hard because the combination of polyester fabric in the shirt with the shorts, caused my golf shots to fall down!

Last critique is some instructions. The tag on the shorts tells me all about the features and their benefits, but doesn’t tell me how to wear them. I threw away the box, so perhaps I missed the instructions there.


Regarding my first paragraph, I did manage to win three skins in my small group and some individual bets, about $30. I gave my opponents the chance to back out because of my fancy underwear and they declined. Their mistake. If the shorts are the reason I won the $30, I’d only need to wear them five more times to break even on the cost.

In all seriousness though, $165 is a little steep. Well, not a little. But for those who suffer back and joint pain anywhere from the mid back to the knees, the $165 may be worth it.

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Review: SCOR Golf Scoring Wedge System

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 13th, 2013
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

Back on January 3rd, 2006, I reviewed the Eidolon V-Sole wedges. V-Sole wedges were the creation of “The Wedge Guy” Terry Koehler. I loved the V-Sole wedges and they were instant gamers.

Fast forward to 2013. Seven years and 100’s of golf clubs later, I STILL have a V-Sole 56 degree in the bag. I’ve gone through dozens of other wedges, irons, fairways, hybrids, drivers and even a few putters (mainly because my putter was stolen). The ONE club which remains in my bag over a seven year period is that Eidolon V-Sole 56. It has been a fantastic 100-110 yard club and is hands down the best wedge I’ve ever played out of the sand.

Naturally when I heard from SCOR Golf, a subsidiary of Eidolon Brands, I was thrilled. They asked if I’d be willing to check out their golf scoring system, featuring either four or five scoring clubs, all with the V-Sole technology my trusty 56 possessed. Sign me up.

SCOR Golf wedges

SCOR Golf wedges – click for more

SCOR 4161 Overview

The SCOR 4161 is a golf club “system” which replaces most of the short clubs in the golf bag, barring the putter. A custom fitting and analysis is performed by a SCOR tech, or online if you’re not able to do a fitting in person. They analyze your game, your swing, and also your existing irons. Upon completion of the analysis they build you a set of four or five clubs, your choice. Your old irons are only kept up to the 8-iron. From the 9-iron (now known to me as my 42 degree club) on, all are SCOR clubs.

Progressive Weighting

SCOR’s “SGC3 Progressive Weighting” distributes the mass of each club related to the loft. The benefits of this weight distribution are consistent trajectories, control, and consistent distance through the set.

SCOR Gap Concept

I really dig the SCOR concept and can’t believe nobody else had come up with it yet. The four or five wedges they create for your set are all perfectly gapped in terms of loft. In the case of my personal set, they’re gapped in four degree increments from the 8-iron. My 8-iron is 38 degrees, therefore the next club is 42 degrees. The next club is another four degrees at 46, then 50, 54, 58. My SCOR set then: 42, 46, 50, 54, 58.

V-Sole Technology

What is V-Sole technology? FIrst, one must know what the sole of the club is. The sole is the bottom of the club, the part which bounces off the ground when the club strikes it. The “V” in V-Sole represents the shape of the sole.

v-sole wedge SCOR

V-Sole – see just left of the 46? – click for more

The V-Sole allows the player to vary the amount of bounce the club has based on how open or closed the club is. This technology, as I mentioned, is especially good in sand.

Milled Face

If you look closely at the face of the SCOR wedges, you’ll see a fine pattern milled into the face.

SCOR golf

Look closely at the milling in the face of this wedge. Click for more images.

This pattern gives the club face an extra porous property which helps with control and great spin in the short game.

On The Course

I’ve had the SCOR wedges in play now for a couple of months. There was certainly an adjustment period for me, as the lofts were different and the shapes of the club heads were slightly different than what I was used to looking at. As an example, my old gap wedge was a 52 but my SCOR set includes a 54 and a 50. For quite a while I had to go through some calculations in my brain to determine the proper club for certain distances. A couple of times I pulled the wrong loft, thinking I was hitting a pitching wedge equivalent, but instead had pulled the 9-iron.

Once I got used to the distances and comfortable with the looks and feel of the SCOR set, I got really dialed in. The gapping is great. I used to have a 10 yard gap between my lob and my sand wedge, as well as my 9-iron and pitching wedge. But there was a 15 yard gap between my sand and gap wedge and a 15 yard gap between my gap and pitching wedge. Now I have even yardage gaps from my 8-iron through the lob wedge.

SCOR wedge covers

SCOR wedge covers – click for more pictures


A nice inclusion with the set are the covers.  I’ve never been one for iron covers, but these are so nice and sharp looking I like keeping them in pristine condition.


Individual wedges from SCOR run $149 per club. Matched sets in four or five clubs run $135 per club.


The SCOR 4161 scoring club set is versatile, capable of producing great shots from any type of lie because of the V-Sole technology. The progressive weighting and perfectly gapped lofts make dialing in exact yardages as easy as ever. With a set of SCOR clubs, the only limits to one’s short game are within the player’s ability and imagination, not the clubs.

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