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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 10th, 2013
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WORX Sand Wedge

WORX Sand Wedge

Today I’m reviewing a very unusual golf club from WORX, a “hybrid wedge.”  No, I don’t think the club can replace your 3-iron and your lob wedge.

WORX Sand Wedge

I’m reviewing the WORX sand wedge specifically.  This is a wedge with a huge, fat head.  The big head isn’t just a gimmick.  There are real physical properties in such a club design that can make it a good fit for certain players.  The large rounded sole has a lot of bounce, which makes it great for situations like sand traps.  The club will bounce off the surface and not dig in.  For players who have trouble getting out of the sand or deep lies in the rough, this type of design could be a big help.


Loft: 55°
Lie: 64°
Bounce: 12°
Length 35.25″

On The Course

Hitting this club takes some getting used to.  The first few shots I hit poorly because the club bounced so much.  I could hear two sounds, the sound of the club hitting the ground, then hitting the ball.  The rounded leading edge is actually in front of the shaft quite a bit.  That combined with the bounce meant that I had to reposition the ball placement in my stance.  Once I had properly adjusted, I could hit this club just like a regular sand wedge from the fairway or rough.  The distance was the same as a regular sand wedge with a conventional head design.

WORX Wedge - click to zoom

WORX Wedge – click to zoom

The bit difference for me was in the sand.  Normally I’m a very good sand player.  This club cut through and bounced so much more that I was hitting my bunker shots longer, with more carry.  Because of the large and rounded head, opening the blade isn’t like a standard wedge.  I could open it a few degrees but if I opened too many, the blade starts to lift off the ground.  The design of the rounded sole nullifies the need to open the blade though.  So I found myself setting up fairly square in the sand.  After a few swings, I could start to feel the proper distance.

The bounce is quite dramatic and there was hardly a lie I couldn’t get the ball airborne and out of the bunker, even densely packed sand or “muni-dirt.”

WORX golf

WORX Wedge at address – click for more


There are two WORX wedge models available, the 55 degree model I tested and a 51 degree gap wedge.

Pricing for either wedge is $119.00.

Legal For Play

The WORX wedge does have an unconventional design, but it has been deemed legal for stipulated play by the USGA and R&A.


If you struggle with bunker shots, the WORX wedge could be an option to consider.  It certainly delivers as it should, with lots of bounce to get the ball airborne out of sand and many other types of lies.

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