Opedix Core-Tec Shorts Review – Can Golf Undies Shave Strokes Off Your Game?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 19th, 2013
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Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

1st Tee

Me: “Gentlemen, I’m going to warn you before the round.  I’m going give you all the opportunity to get out of your bets for $2.00 each right now.  I’m wearing special underwear which is guaranteed to help my golf performance and I’ll surely win $4.00 from each of you by the end of the round.”

My Opponents: “Yeah?  We’ll take our chances.”

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts – Kinetic Health Gear

I’ll try anything to shave strokes off my game. The bottle of scotch with the lampshade didn’t quite work but it was fun trying.

The latest thing I tried was the Opedix CORE-Tec shorts. These are performance shorts for athletes (and me). This high compression set of shorts features built in tensioning systems which are designed to support/help the core of the body, back, hip and knee joints during physical activities.

Opedix CORE-Tec Technology

The CORE-Tec shorts provide support to the body’s kinetic chain, the network connecting your bones and joints. Better kinetic health prevents soft tissue injuries and stresses as well as helping reduce joint pain and stiffness.

The CORE-Tec shorts are tested to improve core stability and balance. while reducing low back pain (a bit one for me), muscle fatigue and joint pain.

A 4-way stretch material in these shorts helps blood flow which aids in performance and muscle recovery.

The fabric in the CORE-Tec shorts, similar to many golf apparel items, wicks moisture away from the body.

The breathable material also possesses anti-odor fiber technology.

On The Course

I’ll have to admit that the first time I used these shorts wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. That’s primarily because wasn’t wearing them properly. The top of the shorts is built to extend quite a ways above the beltline, and even the navel. I had them too low, not benefitting from the back support.

The 2nd time around was far better. With the shorts higher I had the nice compression in my lower back, which I need badly since I suffer from arthritis in that area. The support in the hip area was very beneficial as well. At the end of that round I felt no stiffness or aching, unlike a typical round.

An unexpected and great benefit I’m experiencing with the CORE-Tec shorts is the feeling I get in my thighs. Easy girls. I can’t quite describe it, but it did feel like they specifically had more energy.

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts


I have three critiques for the Opedix CORE-Tec shorts. The first is the price, $165. Yes you read that correctly. I realize golfers are crazy and will spend $500 on a driver as easily as they will $6.00 for a bad domestic beer in the cafe, but $165 is pretty steep for undies, no matter how great they are.

I found with certain golf shirts tucked in, that I really had to cinch my belt down hard because the combination of polyester fabric in the shirt with the shorts, caused my golf shots to fall down!

Last critique is some instructions. The tag on the shorts tells me all about the features and their benefits, but doesn’t tell me how to wear them. I threw away the box, so perhaps I missed the instructions there.


Regarding my first paragraph, I did manage to win three skins in my small group and some individual bets, about $30. I gave my opponents the chance to back out because of my fancy underwear and they declined. Their mistake. If the shorts are the reason I won the $30, I’d only need to wear them five more times to break even on the cost.

In all seriousness though, $165 is a little steep. Well, not a little. But for those who suffer back and joint pain anywhere from the mid back to the knees, the $165 may be worth it.

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2 responses to “Opedix Core-Tec Shorts Review – Can Golf Undies Shave Strokes Off Your Game?”

  1. Tim Heiman says:

    I like the fact that money means something to you. Not very many people in the golf world can spend 165 bucks for something like this but for those would could and needs this type of support your review in spot on.





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