HOG Aerial World Tour – Blue Lakes Country Club – Twin Falls, Idaho

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 18th, 2021
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One a recent HOG World Tour leg I had the opportunity to pass through Twin Falls, Idaho.  Twin Falls is a beautiful place which is dissected by the Snake River.  There are two golf courses in below the plateau and by the river, one being Blue Lakes Country Club.

I got some nice drone shots of Blue Lakes, as well as shots from the bridge which crosses the river.

Talons Cove Golf Club Aerial Photos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 27th, 2020
Categories: Aerial PhotographyGolf Courses

I’m thrilled to have a new member of my drone fleet which makes capturing high quality images from the sky much easier than my previous, large hexacopter. Here are a few fun photos of Utah’s Talons Cove Golf Course, located on the shores of Utah Lake.

The last time I played here there were not as many homes on the course. There is a ton of development there now. See below:

I usually play well at Talons Cove.  The course sets up well for my eye.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  These photos may not be used without permission.

Racing Drone – Holes 4 & 5 at River Oaks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
Categories: Golf CoursesGolf Videos

When I’m not golfing, skiing, or blogging, I’m building drones. I must have about 15 of them now, in varying sizes.  The rage these days is “racing” drones, which are moderately small and very fast/nimble.  I’ve built several, one which I used for the video below, two laps around the 4th and 5th holes at my home course, which is now closed because of the Coronavirus.

I was ripping pretty damn fast on these two racing drone laps. Hole 4 is a longish par-4 and 5 is a par-5. Just takes a few seconds to fly each hole.  Winter is coming to a close and the course hasn’t started spring growth yet, which makes some of the terrain look interesting.

Aerial Photos – River Oaks at Sandy City Utah

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 23rd, 2019
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It’s not lucky. It is by design that I live next to a golf course.  I live near the 8th and 9th holes, about a five minute walk from the clubhouse and the first tee.  I have a good relationship with the course, having been a very active player there, and president of the men’s league for seven really long years.

River Oaks 10th Hole Tee View

Tonight I brought out my big hexacopter (drone with six propellers) and did some photos of a few holes.  The hexacopter is equipped with a mirror-less camera and a prime wide angle lens. It’s my gamer for photography and video from the air.

With the evening light I was able to capture a few very nice shots of some of the holes. The first photo above is the very tight and tough 10th hole.  The black tee is at the bottom of the frame and you can see that the tee shot must be extremely accurate or it is adios white spheroid.

River Oaks 10th Hole Green View

Above you can see the 10th hole from behind the green.  You pretty much can’t miss left or right on this hole, as is the case for just about every hole on this course.  Bring your tee shot A-game here.

I’ve added six nice shots to the River Oaks photo gallery here.  Enjoy.


Aerial Photos: Soldier Hollow Golf Course in Midway, Utah

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
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The gear I bring to golf courses lately doesn’t seem to include golf clubs or a ball. I’ve been bringing one or more of my multi-rotor copters from my golf aerial photography/video fleet. Below is a shot I captured last weekend at Soldier Hollow, home of two great courses.

Soldier Hollow Golf Course

Aerial Photo: Soldier Hollow Golf Courses – click for more

In the photo above the closer holes are the “Silver” course, and the farther away holes on the side of the mountain are the “Gold” Course.

Below is a shot looking back the opposite direction, including the fantastic clubhouse on the right.

Soldier Hollow Golf Utah

Soldier Hollow Golf Course and Clubhouse – Click for more

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