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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 5th, 2020
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The lovely lady and I have been enjoying testing out our pairs of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses for the last couple of months. We’ve been running them through a wide variety of situations and sports.  Some of those activities have included golf, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, hanging out at the park, working in the yard, and more. The results have been terrific.

About Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes sunglasses feature cutting-edge NASA-certified optic technology.  They block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation.  Not only do they block harmful ends of the light spectrum, they produce vivid and enjoyable color, contrast, and clarity. Glare is reduced and details, like the contours of the putting green, are enhanced.

The lenses are highly scratch resistant, prolonging the lifespan of the shades.

Frames come in a multitude of materials from alloys to steel, polycarbonate to titanium. The frames are strong, lightweight, stylish, and durable.

Aviators – $49.99

Below the lovely lady is wearing the aviators.  They’re super cool and stylish and I dig the reflective blue colored lenses. Memory Flex technology makes the frames super flexible yet resilient.

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

The teardrop lenses are mounted in a rich stainless steel frame. One day I hope to be cool enough to wear aviators.

Rambler – $79.95

Below I’m sporting the Rambler model; part Elvis (not the fat Elvis), part modern. The gradient lens feature is nice.

The “TriLenium 7” polarized technology makes for great detail on the course and on the slopes, while protecting against UV and blue light.  I’ve enjoyed a ton of great spring skiing while sporting the Rambler, as well as golf, hiking and biking. They’re light, comfortable, super cool looking, and durable.

Final Thoughts

If you need some new shades be sure to check out Eagle Eyes.  They have numerous offerings, styles, feature sets. They even have computer glasses which block blue light.

Review: Reks Optics Unbreakable Prescription Sunglasses

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 4th, 2018
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Gear

I’m near sighted, which is great for writing golf blogs and programming code, but it is not good for golf. Without prescription glasses I can’t track the ball or see where it finished beyond around 150 yards. Lately I hit it so sideways I need prescription shades, and prescription antidepressants to make it through a golf round.  Fortunately in the sunglasses department I’ve been sporting some new unbreakable prescription sunglasses from Reks Optics.

About Reks

Reks frames are the bend but not break kind, which is great. Drop them. Sit on them. Bend them. No issues.  Reks is so confident in their product, they offer a 24 month replacement guarantee.


Reks offers two lines of frames: Leisure and Active.  The leisure line has styles which are similar to the Ray Bans Wayfarer as well as an aviator style.  The sport line has “wrap around” type sports sunglasses, similar to one might find from Oakley sunglasses.


Reks lenses come in Chromalux, Lumolux, and Solux models. All Reks lenses are treated to resist dirt and are scratch resistant.  Optical grade polycarbonate material in the lenses provides high quality an superior durability.



Since I have two pair of  “sports” style prescription sunglasses, I decided to have some fun and go with the Leisure line for my Reks shades.  I love the Wayfarer Ray Ban design, so I went with the Reks “Seafarer.”  Ordering was easy. I picked out the frame style and the lens style. I went the the Reks HD Trivex polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating. Loved the look of the mirror-red.  During the order I attached my RX.  Within two weeks my awesome shades arrived.

A day in the life with Reks

Today I started off around 8:30am at a local golf tournament.  The sun was shining and the temps around 90 degrees by the afternoon.  My Reks kept the glare down while keeping the colors and details of the course up.  Since my Reks are prescription, I’m able to see the ball even hundreds of yards away.

Following the tournament I spent some time at the pool with the family.  Loved the feel and comfort of the Reks while basking in the sun relaxing after a tough day at the tournament.  I even swim with them on sometimes.  All in all today I probably had the Reks’s on for 10 hours!

Final Thoughts

Reks prescription sunglasses are stylish, fun, durable, and extremely affordable compared to other prescription sunglasses.  I’m talking 1/3 to 1/2 the normal cost.  If you don’t need prescription like I do, Reks models are priced between $30-$60. A very affordable proposition.

Father’s Day is coming up quickly. Dad would love some Reks sunglasses.

First Look: Reks Optical Prescription Sunglasses

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 16th, 2018
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Gear

In for review are some sweet, stylish new sunglasses from Reks Optical.  They’re not just sunglasses, they’re unbreakable frames with special prescription lenses.  I can see the ball, even hundreds of yards away!  When you hit the ball all over the place like I do, you really need to be able to see where it went.

I just ordered these prescription golf sunglasses glasses from the Reks Optical website.  Ordering was easy. First I picked out the frame style, then the lens style. My lenses are HD Trivex polarized lens with anti-reflective coating. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  While ordering I attached my RX with the order and Reks took care of the rest.  In a couple of weeks my shades arrived.

I’ve just started testing them out today.  I played a round of golf in bright but overcast conditions.  I’ll put these to the test in all lighting conditions and post my full review in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.


Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 27th, 2013
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf GearReviews

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few pairs of Under Armour sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses. Under Armour is well known for their killer athletic apparel. Does their eyewear live up to those high standards as well?

Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

Today’s review is the UA Phenom model sunglasses. This are very stylish shades which cover a larger area around the eyes. My review spans two sports: golfing and skiing.

Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses


The Phenom model sunglasses have a very flexible frame made from a combination of titanium and “grimalid.” The flexibility of the frame allows it to fit many different size and shape heads. Despite being so flexible, the glasses stay firmly in place.

The patented ArmourSight lenses deliver 20% more peripheral vision without distortion than regular glasses while being 10x as strong. The lenses, most importantly, block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

This is a great feature for golfers who like to take their shades off to putt. The cap gripper ensures a secure fit when worn upside down!


There are two models available of this roughly $150 pair of shades, black and white. The black has black lenses (pictured) and the white has the orange/mirror lenses.

On The Golf Course

The details and colors I see on the course with the UA Phenoms is, well, PHENOMenal. Reading greens and course contours is wonderful.

The stability of the shades is fantastic, especially during my spastic golf swing. There is no movement or slippage at all, ever.

The wide coverage and super wide peripheral vision make it seem as if I’m wearing no glasses at all.

UA Phenom sunglasses - click to see more

UA Phenom sunglasses – click to see more

On The Ski Slopes

Many of the advantages the golfer enjoys with the Phenoms cross over into skiing. It is important for the slopes and contours of the mountain be easily visible. There’s nothing worse than hitting bumps and holes which one can’t see because the glasses produce too flat of a picture. The Phenoms deliver great clarity and detail on the slopes.

The same stability and non-slip feature which is great for the golf swing is fantastic for skiing. Even through heavy moguls (bumps), jumps and even a crash or two, the Phenoms hold their position.

As with golf, the wide viewing area and fantastic peripheral vision are a great benefit on the slopes.


For a pair of sunglasses to make it into my golf gamer bag or into my ski accessory bag, they must meet these three criteria: performance, comfort, style (don’t need to be Tom Ford Sunglasses though). The Under Armour Phenom sunglasses are phenomenal in all three categories.

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