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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 12th, 2013
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Did you know Under Armour made eyewear/sunglasses?  I didn’t until recently.  I had only associated the brand with killer apparel.  Now I associate UA with killer sunglasses too!  I’m doing a few quick reviews of some Under Armour sunglasses so let’s get going.  Today’s featured pair is the Nitro model, typically for youths or those with thinner heads (unlike me).

Under Armour Nitro Crystal Red Black Gray Sunglasses

Under Armour Nitro Sunglasses – click for more

Under Armour Nitro Sunglasses Features

  • ArmourFusion frames built from titanium and “Grimalid” provide strength and flexibility
  • Lenses are 10x as strong as regular lenses
  • 20% less distorted peripheral vision
  • Lenses are highly resistant to scratching and smudging
  • Secure fit
  • 100% ultraviolet protection


As you can see in the photos, these shades are very stylish, sporty and I dare say aerodynamic.


The Nitros are meant for a smaller fit, best for youth or thinner heads.  My lovely lady is very athletic and loves how these shades stay in place during levels of high activity.

UA Nitro Sunglasses

UA Nitro Sunglasses


On a recent trip to the mountains (which you can see reflected in the lenses of the featured image in this article) my lovely lady was gushing about how clear and vibrant the colors were.  During athletic activities, especially golf, clear vision and high detail are very important.


At only around $50, the Under Armour Nitro’s are great shades for young golfers, ladies or those with a thinner head shape.

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