First Look: Arcade Belts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, November 22nd, 2019
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When I’m not golfing, I’m either skiing or hiking.  I live in an awesome place (Utah) for sure.  Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone though. It’s getting too crowded. Since I had the shoulder surgery, I’ve been only hiking and skiing but I’m looking forward to playing golf soon.

In the hiking/skiing world I’m going to be opening a new website, similar to this one.  It will be dedicated to going up and down mountains, and all that comes with it. One of the products I’ve had my eyes on in that world is Arcade Belts.

Arcade Belts are made for outdoor activities. The belts are made to stretch and move with the movements of the person wearing them. I think they’re a great crossover for golf, as we golfers end to make quite a bit of movement during the golf swing, and walking the course.  I’ve been sporting these three belts which were sent in for review by Arcade. I loved the belts so much I bought two other ones.

These belts are coming in very handy at the moment.  During the course of this year I’ve bumped up my physical training for the upcoming ski season, and for my general health.  I was carrying some extra weight.  This year I’ve dropped about 35 pounds.  Wooo!  The problem is that now none of my pants or shorts fit me.  They all fall off.  Thanks to the flexible nature of Arcade Belts, I can milk some more wear out of these pants/shorts, without sacrificing comfort.

I’ll be posting a review soon, so stay tuned.  And watch out for my new site coming soon.  It’s called Hike.Ski, and that’s the URL: