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Ogio Grom Stand Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 11th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentReviews


I love companies that put traditional thinking and design aside and try new ideas. Ogio obviously is one of those companies. Ogio doesn’t think out of the box, they build the coolest and most “pimped out” box to begin with.

With Utah’s snowcapped Wasatch mountains as a backdrop, Ogio makes gear bags and packs for many different “activity” sports. “Activity sports” to Ogio would be motocross, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and (last but not least) golf!

Ogio Grom Stand Bag

I’ve always admired Ogio’s golf bags either in the golf shop or on the course. I’ve looked at their innovations and ideas and often thought “why doesn’t anyone else do that?” or “why didn’t anyone else think of that?” For some reason I’ve always picked up the traditional and conservative offerings from other companies, but now I’m happy to say I’m an Ogio fan.


The Grom is a very good looking carry/stand bag. The lines and look are very pleasing to the eye. The first round I put it into play my golf buddies noticed on the first tee that I had a new bag. The looks drew them to it and the great features sold them. A round or two later, two of my pals had bought the same bag in different colors and were proudly showing them off.


The first thing I noticed about the Grom (and Ogio’s other bags) is how well designed and wide the opening for the clubs is. My gripe about another company’s carry bags that I’ve been using is that the club opening is too small. In their effort to make the bag small and light, the opening size was compromised. This can be a real pain when you have either many fairway woods or clubs with covers. And it can really be a pain when you have very tacky grips on the clubs. With the smaller opening and shell of the bag, my tacky grips often made getting the club in and out of the bag a real chore. I’d grab my 7 iron and two other irons would come out with it.


Harvey Penick was a blogger, he just didn’t know it

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 8th, 2005
Categories: Golf InstructionGolf MediaMiscellaneousReviews

littlebluebookIf you don’t know who Harvey Penick is you are missing out. Harvey Penick is probably the most famous golf instructor of all time. For decades he was the instructor at Austin Country Club. Many of the most famous pros ever to play golf have studied with him (Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw etc). If you recall Crenshaw’s latest (and tearful) Masters victory, that was right after Penick passed away.

Harvey’s most famous book is HARVEY PENICK’S LITTLE RED BOOK. For years Harvey jotted down short thoughts about golf and life in a little red note book… Golf, life (in that order). Hey wow. That wasn’t intentional. There was no real order to his thoughts, they were just random thoughts put to paper in a journal form. If what he did in his book was on the net, it would be a blog.

Harvey’s writing style is so great, you feel like he is there with you telling the stories.

While browsing Golf Blogger one day, I ordered The Plane Truth and for the hell of it picked up Harvey’s Little Blue Book : Game for a Lifetime : More Lessons and Teachings.

I started reading last night when I was quite tired. But I woke right up and got about 100 pages into it before I forced myself to go to sleep. This book has more great stories and thoughts but they are a little longer and more detailed. There are many stories about specific players he taught worked with, along with some excellent golf course architecture thoughts and rants. (Jay).

I strongly recommend getting your hands on ANYTHING from Harvey Penick.

Rescue dual sighting

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentReviews

rescueMy review list is getting longer and longer. The two latest editions to the list are the TaylorMade Monza Corza Putter and the Rescue Dual (pic).

Just look how pretty this Rescue Dual looks! I hit it once today into a heavy duty wind. Off the tee I hit a nice little draw (that’s what the dual weights are setup for) that bored it’s way through the wind to the 100 yard marker on a par 4. That allowed me to knock my 2nd shot close and make birdie. I was playing against a PGA Pro, a state AM champ and a high school golf coach who was scratch. Tough to be a 2 handicap and be the “hacker” in the group…

The rescue compliments my r7 Dual TP 3 wood, which is the best 3 wood I’ve ever hit.

I was never a “TaylorMade guy.” No particular reason for that other than I just never hit much of their gear. But that is changing quickly, very quickly.

Reports to follow.

Peak Vision Sports Sunglasses

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 27th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentReviews

What do Bruce Fleisher, David Feherty, Billy Andrade, Scott McCarron, The Reluctant Jamboy and mediaguru (yours truly) have in common? We all wear Peak Vision Sports Sunglasses.

peakvisionlogoPeak Vision Sports makes many different sunglasses for golf, skiing, baseball and other sports. Peak Vision’s glasses not only look cool, they employ some interesting technology to help you with your game. Let’s check it out.

The technology

Standard sunglasses (like the kind you see on people’s hats and not their eyes) are manufactured with injection molded polycarbonate. These lenses do help cut out glare and protect your eyes from UV light, but also filter out much of the color needed to judge the contour of the terrain. Lenses manufactured this way can have poor optical clarity and distortion. The distortion also interferes with your ability to judge distances and read course contours.

Peak Vision’s glasses use a material called NXT (no, not the material used in NXT golf balls!) which provides the same clarity as optical glass. The material is also very light and scratch resistant.

The Peak Vision lenses have two noticeable “zones.” The gray upper zone is darker and eliminates glare from the sun while enhancing your distance perception. The amber lower zone is lighter and allows you to see the contours of the green better. It is basically like having a set of bifocals that are built for different lighting from top to bottom. The two zones blend or dither together. The combination of these two zones into one lens results in a more even optical response curve across the board. Other glasses typically only cover one of these two issues.


Weekend in Park City

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 26th, 2005
Categories: Golf CoursesMiscellaneousReviews

Played some golf in Park City, Utah this weekend. Park City is Utah’s version of Aspen, complete with the millionaires and overpriced tourist shops and restaurants. Tiger and Mark O’Meara even have homes there. Park City is most well known as a ski town and for the Sundance Film Festival. Park City also hosted many events in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. I attended the long jump and the bobsled events.

But when the snow melts Park City is quite a nice place to visit as well. There are tons of mountains and trails for hiking and mountain biking. There are also a couple of golf courses right in town.

The top picture is of the 17th green at the Park City Municipal course. You can see the bottom of the chair lifts and ski runs which are part of the Park City Mountain Resort. The lighter colored line down the mountain is a slide you can ride called the “Alpine Slide.”

The Park City Municipal is a fairly short, traditional tree lined course. Tee accuracy is crucial. You could shoot a low number if you keep it in the fairway. Their range is terrible though. They have rubber mats and only allow shots of 215 yards or less.

The pic below is a shot from Park Meadows.

Park Meadows was once public but is now a private country club. PM was designed be the man himself, Jack Nicklaus. PM is a typical Jack design with lots of long holes, sand and fades off the tee. PM also hosted the then called Senior Tour and had the likes of Jack, Arnie, Gary, Lee, Chi Chi and more play there.

You can still see some snow atop the mountain in the background at the top of the ski resort.

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