Frogg Toggs Pro Action Golf Rain Suit Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
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Frogg Toggs LogoSeldom are there times when I pray for rain on the course. In fact the only times are when I’m reviewing rain gear or accessories which help keep you or your golf equipment dry.

Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs is a company which makes outerwear for many outdoor activities, including golf. Their line includes rain suits, shirts, camouflage, hats accessories and much more. Drop by the Frogg Toggs web site and check out all their offerings at

Pro Action Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs rain suit technologyTechnology

The Pro Action rain suit employs a series of three layers of polypropylene with a center layer of microporous film. Sounds complicated. The fabric actually has “pores” which allow vapors to escape from the inside (your body heat and other possible “vapors” I suppose). These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet though, so water can’t enter the suit.

Frogg Toggs also uses a patented seaming process which eliminates needle holes and the possibility of water entering the suit through them. In looking at the seams they almost look like they’re melted together.

The net result of the suit’s technology and manufacturing process is 100% breathable, 100% waterproof and extremely light weight fabric. The whole suit put together weighs less than one pound.

Tony in the golf rain suitOn The Course

I had my Frogg Toggs in my bag for a good month or two before I had the chance to put it into play. When I got it out my golf buddy gave me some grief. This suit doesn’t look like a typical golf rain suit. It had more of that camouflage look and it was a little more baggy. After playing in the rain for a while with him I pointed out that I was totally dry under my suit while we noticed that his rain suit (made by a major golf manufacturer) had soaked through and was getting him wet underneath. My friend no longer made fun of the look of my rain suit because his left him soaking wet and mine left me dry and comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable… The Pro Action is very light weight and doesn’t impede my golf swing. One thing I really dislike about rain suits, is when wearing them my swing and range of motion feel restricted. I can swing freely with my Frogg Toggs.

One great thing I use is the HOOD. As you can see in the pic of me in my Togg I’m wearing the hood in that big rain storm. There’s nothing worse than having the rain go down your neck. With the Togg hood on, my hat (bill excluded) was dry.

Not Just For Rain

I’ve put on my Toggs in other conditions other than rain. When windy and possibly a little cold the Pro Action works wonders. Being 100% windproof there’s no wind chill factor.


Two things I could use which were missing on this model and they’re both pockets. The top of the Pro Action has no pockets. The pant of the Pro Action has pocket slits so you can get into your pant pockets underneath. That’s fairly standard for rain pants but when my hands were wet it was really difficult to get my hand through the slit and into the pant pocket underneath. I can see why this model doesn’t have pockets though. As waterproof as the fabric is, any water that gets into the pocket would stay there and form a puddle!

Tony in the golf rain suitColors & Sizes

The Pro Action suit is available in Black, Blue, Gray and Khaki. The “black” version isn’t really black. My color is the black one.

Sizes range from small to 3X.


One of the last big tournaments I played in was rained out. We played golf in a downpour for a while before the tournament was canceled. In the clubhouse I watched player after player take off his rain gear, exposing wet golf clothes underneath. I was the only dry player out of hundreds. I was the only one wearing a Frogg Toggs rain suit.

The Frogg Toggs Pro Action rain suit is very lightweight, windproof, breathable, comfortable and most importantly 100% waterproof. I’m sold!

More images in the Frogg Toggs photo gallery.

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