Golf’s Three Noble Truths – Book Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 22nd, 2007
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Golf’s Three Noble Truths: The Fine Art of Playing Awake is a Zen/golf book written by James L. Ragonnet. Ragonnet covers Eastern philosophies for the benefit of the reader’s golf game and life in general.

I have a tough time reading books for extended period of time. I get very sleepy a few pages into my reading sessions, so it takes me longer to get through books than the average Joe. That being said, this book is a nice, easy and enjoyable read which kept my attention for much longer periods than I can usually read. The chapters are fairly short and each covers a Zen/Eastern concept or two.


After reading this book I certainly have a different way of looking at my shots, my game and my scores. I have a different attitude and way of processing and approaching my shots, and reacting to the results. I also have a different way of looking at the various challenges, hazards, trees, grass, sand and other parts of the course.

You can pick up Golf’s Three Noble Truths at Amazon. I’ve found them for as little as $11.99.

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