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Zone Perfect – Zone Bar

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
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zoneperfectPlaying well on the golf course isn’t always about the mechanics, the clubs or the ball. It can sometimes be about focus, strength and energy. If your golf fuel tank runs low you can lose energy, lose strength and lose focus. Losing just the smallest bit of focus on a crucial drive can mean the difference between a ball in the middle of the fairway or one out of bounds or in a hazard. Losing focus on the putting green can cause a winning putt to wonder off line and miss.

To keep your focus and energy levels at their peak you need to make sure your fuel tank has the right octane of fuel.

chocolateraspberryzonebarI recommend some kind of sports drink for your liquid fuel, and Zone Perfect Zone Bars for your solid fuel. “Zone Bars” are nutrition bars made to increase your energy and vitality and curb your hunger. They contain “the special ZonePerfect blend of carbohydrate, protein and fat, developed to provide the nutritious balance you need.”

Zone Bars currently come in 19 flavors, but they’re constantly adding new ones. My personal favorites are Strawberry Yogurt, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Raspberry. I love the taste of these bars and they don’t taste like you’d expect a nutrition bar to taste. I’m not too hot on Chocolate Almond Biscotti, but to each his own.

I like to keep 2-3 Zone Bars in my bag in case I need them. Unlike an apple or banana, they won’t go bad or mushy in your bag. They also won’t bruise or even make your bag pockets sticky.

One note about the “softness” of some of the bars. If you’re like me and often play in colder temperatures, some bars won’t work very well for you. In cold golf temperatures, say under 50 degrees, some of the Zone Bars get very hard to chew. The bars with this problem are mostly chocolate based. The hardest to chew of the group in low temperatures is by far the chocolate peanut butter. Trying to bite off and chew one of these in the sub 40’s is a real workout of your jaw muscles. Try one in the 30’s, and you might just break off your front teeth.

Zone Bars can be found in nearly all major grocery stores, but if you can’t find them you locally can order online as well.

Moseau Bamboo Fiber Golf Apparel

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 29th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesReviews

Yes, you read right…BAMBOO fiber.

Imagine wearing a golf shirt that is as smooth as silk, is more durable, machine washable, breathes better and costs less that most regular golf shirts. All of this while using fabric that is made from a naturally replenish-able material which is also biodegradable. The Moseau bamboo fiber shirts are all of the above.

Moseau discovered the bamboo fiber innovation about 5 years ago while in China. They spent some time refining the manufacturing process and their time and research has paid off big time.

My experience with my Moseau golf shirt has been nothing short excellent. The shirt is extremely comfortable. I felt like I was wearing my Jammie’s. I have a couple of silk shirts and the Moseau shirt is even more comfortable. In 100 degree heat the shirt breathes wonderfully. The fabric washes and irons well and it doesn’t shrink as much as a typical cotton shirt after the first wash or two.

The Collection

The Moseau polo shirt collection consists of 6 different styles. 5 of the styles are solid colors and the 6th is a two tone. The shirts are simple and classy, with no crazy designs.

Moseau also makes three different styles of bamboo fiber golf socks: Crew, low cut and quarter socks.

A collection of seven bamboo golf t-shirts is also available.

You can buy any of the Moseau bamboo collection at their online store.

Accessory Checklist

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentMiscellaneous

With all the talk about golf clubs, bags, balls etc, not many people seem to think a lot about other items you need to help you with your game and improve your score. These accessory items may not be directly responsible for hitting a great shot like a wedge would be, but can be just as important to your game.

I’m going to attempt to put a list together here of the accessories a golfer should have handy in his bag. This list is in no particular order. And if I miss something, feel free to comment it in for me.

You need a good umbrella, not a tiny one that is falling apart. Keep the gear and the player dry!

Rain gear
Along with the umbrella you should have some gear. Pants, jacket, vest and even a Gilligan type hat for keeping the rain from doing down your neck. Your back should also have a rain cover. If it does not, you can throw in a poor man’s rain cover: a plastic shopping bag.

Warm clothes
If you live in an area like me, sometimes the temperature can go from 80 to 50 in a few minutes. It’s always a good idea to keep a wind jacket, sweater, vest or whatever you like to keep you warm. In the colder times of the year I also keep some winter gloves in the bag. There’s nothing much worse than hitting a 3 iron a little thin in cold weather.

Winter golf
In the winter my die-hard golf buddies and I play on the frozen tundra. If there’s no snow on the ground, we play. So there are a few items you’ll need when you play in the tundra: Some may include a propane golf cart heater, golf cart cover, winter golf beanie or a golf cart windshield.

Cart tools
If you have a pull cart or one of the new fancy 3 wheeled push carts you may need a few items. I have a friend who has to carry a wrench for when his wheel falls off his motorized push cart. I also have an air pump I carry with my Speed Cart.

Ibuprofen is like a lube oil and filter for a golfer.

Club tools
Speaking of tools. How about the tools/wrenches you may need to change the weights around on your movable weight technology based clubs? Of course you’d change the weights before the round, right?

Extra golf gloves I don’t wear a glove. But if you do wear one, keep 2-3 extras in your bag in case of rain or heavy sweating. You can switch them out every hole or two, and hang your wet ones up in your umbrella or on your bag to dry.

Golf towels
I usually carry 2-3 towels. One is mostly wet for cleaning clubs. One is dry. One is a backup. In rainy conditions carrying a few more towels is a good idea. Hang the wet ones in your umbrella to dry.

Tees, ball markers, green repair tools
Yes, totally obvious but essential. I have a neat little tee bag which I carry spare change, tees, markers, divot tools in.

Shoe Maintenance
I carry extra soft spikes in my tee bag as well. I need to make sure I have good traction, and sometimes I change out spikes on the course. Of course you’ll need a spike tool in your maintenance kit as well. Why don’t we include an extra set of shoe laces too. I’ve snapped a lace retying my shoe. Golfing with one loose shoe is not good. Just in case you have the room, throw in a pair of fresh socks too. You never know if you’ll step in some mud or have to stand in a wet hazard to hit a shot.

Keep your body fueled up with some food and liquid. Keep some energy bars in your bag. Or throw some fresh fruit in before the round. Water and/or a Gatorade type of drink is essential as well. When your body starts to run out of fuel, you will not be able to concentrate as well.

Club brush, groove cleaner
I need full control over my shots. I especially need my grooves nice and clean for those crucial short game wedge shots. You can’t impart the correct spin on your ball with a bunch of debris on your club face. I keep a brush which hangs off my bag which cleans my grooves very well. The back side of the brush has a metal point which can really dig that dirt out of the tougher grooves.

Extra cash
I always have some backup bucks in my bag (hidden in a secret compartment). You never know when you might need a few extra bucks out on the course. You may need to buy a hot dog at the turn. You may want to buy a drink from the cart babe. You may feel the joy and want to get out for another 9. Unfortunately, you may need to settle up on a wager or two.

Rule book
For those times when you’re not sure what to do in a certain situation, carrying a small USGA Rule Book in your bag is advisable. Keeping that book handy just might win you a match or a bet. You can nail your opponent on his illegal drop.

Score cards, pencils
If you play certain courses frequently it’s not a bad idea to keep some spare score cards for those courses in your bag. Also be sure to carry an extra pencil or two.

Ball marker
I always carry a ball marker in my bag to mark my golf balls. Marking your ball can help eliminate the possibility of someone else hitting your ball or picking it up.

Extra car key
I keep an extra copy of my car key in my golf bag just in case.

First aid
I keep some band aids and some medical tape in my bag just in case I or someone else need them. They’ve come in handy on more than one occasion.

Bug spray
I tiny squirt bottle of bug spray can be extremely useful when you’re playing “the swamp” in the heat of mosquito season.

Sun screen
I’m Greek and have darker skin and don’t sunburn easily. But it’s a good idea to keep some sun screen handy. Skin cancer is not your friend.

Lotion, chapstick
Not a bad idea to keep one of those travel sized lotions and a chapstick handy. Dry, cracking skin or lips can bring your game down.

Cigar anyone?
Better keep a cigar cutter and a lighter handy.

Ball retriever?
I personally don’t carry a ball retriever. But if you can’t stand the pain of knocking a $4 ball into the lake, you might need one.

Gimme A Ruling

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesReviews

The rules of golf can be quite dry, boring and downright hard to interpret. They can also be hard to remember. Gimme A Ruling is a “Trivial Pursuit” type of game which will make the rules of golf fun, interesting and easy to remember.


Top notch quality

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my Gimme A Ruling game was how nice all the components are. The game comes in a very elegant wooden case, somewhat like a humidor for cigars. The case has a protective draw-stringed bag. Inside the case you’ll find a matching wood game card holder, score cards, dice, pencils and instructions. The print components are on top notch paper and have excellent print quality. In short, this is a game has a classy look and is built to last many years.



Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 24th, 2005
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Equipment

nikemaxsightNike and Bausch & Lomb are making “Sport-Tinted” contact lenses. These lenses come in different tint configurations to enhance certain wavelengths of light. The lenses will visually enhance key elements in sport, such as a ball or terrain.

There are two lens colors available: amber and grey-green.

Amber lenses are for fast moving ball sports such as baseball or soccer. Grey-green lenses are ideal for sports like golf which are played in bright sunlight where glare is a concern.

How do they work?

“The patented Light Architecture selectively filters specific wavelengths of light to visually enhance key elements in sport, such as a ball, filtering most of the blue light and manipulating the remaining colors of the visible spectrum to enhance critical details in the sporting environment. These features of the Nike MAXSIGHT lens combine to provide visual benefits to athletes such as an exceptional view of contours on a given field of play, reduced sun glare and the ability to track fast-moving game activity under variable light conditions.”

More info on the Bausch & Lomb site.

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