Tifosi Optics Dolomite Sunglasses Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 26th, 2007
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Tifosi Optics Golf Sunglasses Review Tifosi Optics is a close HOG friend who “enthusiastically” makes eyewear of many types for many different activities, including golf. I’m the happy owner of several pairs of Tifosis.

Tifosi Dolomite Golf Sunglasses

The Tifosi Dolomite model glasses are sunglasses with interchangeable lenses for varying lighting and terrain conditions. You can easily switch lenses for the optimal clarity and focus while on the course, hiking, skiing or doing any outdoor activity.

The Dolomites have a very hip and aggressive design. They look like something you’d see on Terminator or X-Men movies. I like golfing and skiing in my Dolomites, or just wearing them around town on a sunny day.



For optical clarity the Dolomites use what Tifosi calls EVS or Enhanced Visual System Polycarbonate Decentered lenses. Sounds pretty fancy, but it essentially helps you see more clearly on the course or wherever you wear them.

tifosi dolomite golf sunglasses

The lenses (three included for varying conditions) provide 100% ultra violet protection as well as having a glare reducer to decrease eye fatigue.

The outside corners of the lenses have ventilation holes which increase airflow and help prevent the lenses from fogging up.


The meaty Dolomite frames are hip and stylish. Tifosi is so confident in the quality and durability of these frames that they provide a lifetime warranty on them.

slip case tifosiAccessories

Along with the multiple sets of lenses, the Dolomites come with a nice hard case. The hard case has a zipper and would easily fit in your golf bag to protect your glasses when not in use. The interchangeable lenses have their own storage pockets inside the case as well so you have them with you.

golf sunglasses reviewAlso included with the Slips is a microfiber cleaning bag. The glasses can be stored inside this bag which also serves as a cleaning rag for the lenses.

On The Course

The Dolomites are great for a couple of the courses I play which are very windy. With the thick frames and the near goggle-like frame configuration my eyes are protected very well from wind and dust. I can attest to the Tifosi claims of helping prevent eye fatigue.

With my Dolomites I’m able to read the subtle breaks in the greens well and I’m able to track the ball in flight several hundred yards down the fairway (or OB as the case may be).


As I’ve stated in previous reviews on other Tifosi models, the Dolomites provide everything you get from expensive brands but without the price. For roughly what one pair of single lens glasses would cost from other brands, you could buy 2-3 pairs of Tifosis, each coming with several lenses.

You can pick up some Tifosi Dolomite Sunglasses at HOG friend Edwin Watts Golf for a mere $59.95!

Tifosi Gallery

You can see images of Tifosi Optics products in the HOG Tifosi Photo Gallery.

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