A Weight Training Exercise For Golf Improves Power

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
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Mike PedersenTo quickly improve your power and golf swing, implementing a weight training exercise for golf program is critical!

What’s the difference between a weight training exercise for golf and an everyday exercise for fitness? The answer to this question is your missing link to a golf swing with maximum power and efficiency, resulting in optimal distance with every club in your bag.

Just going into a gym and plopping down on a “machine” is not going to improve your golf swing power and mechanics. Golf is “on your feet” and in a dynamic position (golf posture). The only way to improve your power and swing efficiency is incorporating a weight training exercise for golf program with a stability ball, medicine ball, exercise tubing and dumbbells.

You do not need a gym membership to participate in a very effective golf fitness program! I say this strongly to remove any reasons (excuses) for not starting right away.

You can pick and choose your exercises to suit your swing faults and physical limitations, or you can incorporate a “total body” golf fitness program of strengthening, stretching, nutrition and cardio (fat-burning).

Golf Fitness Equipment Is Portable, Inexpensive And Not What You Think

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
Categories: Golf FitnessGolf Instruction

Mike PedersenWith every golf fitness program, training dvd, and exercise book I’ve developed, I made a point to incorporate inexpensive and portable golf fitness equipment. I am constantly thinking of time constraints people have and am doing the best I can to eliminate lack of time as a reason (excuse) for not doing a golf fitness routine.

When you hear the term golf fitness equipment you might immediately think of the machines that are in the gym or are offered in the golf magazines for thousands of dollars. Am I right? Well don’t worry…it’s not that at all!

Quite frankly, the machines in the gym will not help your golf swing anyways! They isolate one muscle group (while the golf swing activates all the muscles in a sequential motion), and are mostly sitting exercises, where the golf swing is “on your feet”.


Golf Swing Trainer: You’ll Be Thinking Differently

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
Categories: Golf FitnessPro Tips

Mike PedersenThe term golf swing trainer might make you think about a golf training aid, or even a golf teaching pro, but I’ve come up with a different meaning that may dramatically affect your golf swing.

Next time you read or hear the term golf swing trainer I want you to think differently…after reading this brief golf training article.

Golfers Don’t Need More Golf Lessons

I’ve heard over and over again, how a golfer has taken many lessons only to play worse, or not getting any better. This is not a knock on golf instructor, but I’m trying to make a point. If you’ve taken more than a couple of lessons and not seen improvement, don’t you think it’s something else?

Improved Golf Swing Mechanics Are Impossible…

The main ingredient to a high level of golf swing proficiency is your body’s ability to move in a dynamic, stabilized and sequential way, through a range of motion that allows for maximum torque, stored energy and tension-less power.

You can work on your golf swing til the cows come home and it won’t make a bit of difference if all you’ve done is ingrained improper golf swing mechanics and even more swing faults.

Does this sound familiar? Have you been in this picture? If so, it’s time to change your approach…immediately!

Golf Swing Improvement With A Different Approach

Having expressed my strong beliefs above, what is the answer to a better golf swing, that’s repeatable for 18 holes? You look at it in the mirror every day! It’s your body! It’s the machine that fuels the swing. If you don’t work on the “machine”, the swing will never get better! I say this strongly, but with total conviction.

The golf swing requires (demands) many “physical” attributes that need to be addressed to see progress in your golf swing. These attributes are many, and I’ll address them in future posts on this site, but for now, they are:

Body Awareness

These are the main attributes, and they cannot be developed by just pounding golf balls and taking more lessons. You’ve got to work on them “off the course”.

Golf Specific Swing Training

The quickest way to achieve better swing mechanics (but is only one aspect of total golf improvement training) is to perform your golf swing with resistance, preferably in front of a mirror, checking body positions and technique.

You can’t get anymore golf-specific in your training than that. I do a ton of exercise tubing, medicine balls and even dumbbell training exercises in all my golf fitness dvds and manual.


Although the quality of the picture is not that great (we’re redoing them all), you can see I am doing a golf downswing phase of the swing. You can see how it’s stretching me to a 90 degree shoulder turn at the top, and a good impact position at the bottom.

This is just one of many effective golf swing training exercises you can do that will have an immediate impact on your golf swing.

You Heard It Here First

A modern golf swing trainer should have superior knowledge of the golf swing from a mechanical standpoint and physical standpoint. If one or the other is missing, then this individual isn’t a qualified professional that should be working on your golf swing.

So next time you hear this phrase…think of improving your body…not taking more lessons, buying the latest, greatest gimmicky training aid, or hitting more balls.

Mike Pedersen is an internationally known golf performance expert. He is Golf Magazines Golf Performance Expert; has been featured on pga.com; also a noted expert and quoted in the top golf magazines in the world, as well as the founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance membership sites. Take a look at his just released golf training system at performbettergolf.com.

How A Stretching Exercise For Golf Can Eliminate Back Pain Quickly

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
Categories: Golf FitnessGolf InstructionPro Tips

Mike PedersenA stretching exercise for golf can be the silver bullet you’ve been looking for to improve your golf swing and finally get rid of that nagging back pain! In fact there is no single genuine golf exercise program that does not include stretching exercises. That is how critical stretching exercises for golf are.

Actually there are many types of stretching exercises for golf. Some of them can comfortably be done in the office while you are still seated on your chair in your workstation. And probably when you have a few minutes to spare or you need to spend a moment or two thinking about something, maybe a decision you have to make. You can easily do your thinking as you execute the simple stretch exercises.


Golf Flexibility Training Is Proven To Increase Golf Swing Speed Rapidly

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
Categories: Golf FitnessGolf InstructionPro Tips

Mike PedersenMaximum golf swing speed with minimal effort

Golf flexibility training will improve your ability to make a tension-free, full backsing, creating maximum golf swing speed, power and ultimately distance.

What exactly is golf flexibility training and how is it different than “general” flexibility or stretching?

First off… you’ve got to take a look at all the key positions in the golf swing and mimic them with stretching. These positions are not normal, nor are they very comfortable.

One critical area that the golfer gets restricted in during play is the backswing. How many times have you started off driving it long and fairly straight… only to start losing distance and accuracy on the back nine?

Do you know why this occurs?


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