Golf Fitness Equipment Is Portable, Inexpensive And Not What You Think

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
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Mike PedersenWith every golf fitness program, training dvd, and exercise book I’ve developed, I made a point to incorporate inexpensive and portable golf fitness equipment. I am constantly thinking of time constraints people have and am doing the best I can to eliminate lack of time as a reason (excuse) for not doing a golf fitness routine.

When you hear the term golf fitness equipment you might immediately think of the machines that are in the gym or are offered in the golf magazines for thousands of dollars. Am I right? Well don’t worry…it’s not that at all!

Quite frankly, the machines in the gym will not help your golf swing anyways! They isolate one muscle group (while the golf swing activates all the muscles in a sequential motion), and are mostly sitting exercises, where the golf swing is “on your feet”.

The golf fitness equipment I’m referring to is: golf exercise tubing (with handles), golf stability ball, golf medicine ball and free weights (dumbbells). That’s it! Your entire in-home, golf fitness gym for under $100! That’s all you’ll ever need to do an effective golf fitness program.

These pieces enable you to do literally hundreds of golf specific exercises that strengthen and stretch all your golf muscles, preparing your body to perform phenomenal golf!

Another plus is these golf exercises and stretches are fun. You’ll never get board…and you’ll soon realize this is the “missing link” to great golf.

imageI’ve inserted a picture to show you just one of the hundreds of exercises you can do with the above mentioned equipment. In this picture, I’m doing a seated twist on a stability ball with tubing. Yes…I know what you’re thinking. I’m seated, not standing, right?

Yeah…but I’m seated on an “unstable” ball that challenges my core strength, balance and stability, while greatly improving my core rotational strength and flexibility.

Go out today and get your in-home, golf fitness gym with the above golf fitness equipment.

A stretching exercise for golf can be the silver bullet you’ve been looking for to improve your golf swing and finally get rid of that nagging back pain! In fact there is no single genuine golf exercise program that does not include stretching exercises. That is how critical stretching exercises for golf are.

Actually there are many types of stretching exercises for golf. Some of them can comfortably be done in the office while you are still seated on your chair in your workstation. And probably when you have a few minutes to spare or you need to spend a moment or two thinking about something, maybe a decision you have to make. You can easily do your thinking as you execute the simple stretch exercises.

One of the exercises that can be done in this situation is twisting your upper body to reach and touch as far back on one side of the chair as you can. In the picture to the right, you’ll see I’m in my office taking a little break from the grind of running my golf training website and shipping products. This stretching exercise for golf should be repeated reaching out for the other side of your chair.

There are also stretching exercises for golf that should be done with tubing, and a stability ball. Others are done using a medicine ball. Most of them are described in other golf exercise articles I’ve written on my site.

The reason why a stretching exercise for golf are so effective in improving the golf swing and eliminating back pain is because they put your body in the exact same positions either rotationally or from a golf posture standpoint that stretch the muscles like no other stretch or general exercise program could do.

This will remove the tension in your swing due to restricted muscles, and enable your golf swing to feel more comfortable and free-flowing, allowing maximum clubhead speed and ultimately distance. The results will be quick and dramatic!

There dozens and dozens of effective stretching exercises for golf that will have a profound impact on your golf swing, game and body. There’s no denying golf is a physical game…and you need to work on your “machine” to maximize your results.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is an Internationally recognized golf fitness expert and author. He is Golf Magazines golf performance expert, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance membership sites. For more information on his best selling Golf Fitness System, go to

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