Golf Flexibility Training Is Proven To Increase Golf Swing Speed Rapidly

Written by: Mike Pedersen | Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
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Mike PedersenMaximum golf swing speed with minimal effort

Golf flexibility training will improve your ability to make a tension-free, full backsing, creating maximum golf swing speed, power and ultimately distance.

What exactly is golf flexibility training and how is it different than “general” flexibility or stretching?

First off… you’ve got to take a look at all the key positions in the golf swing and mimic them with stretching. These positions are not normal, nor are they very comfortable.

One critical area that the golfer gets restricted in during play is the backswing. How many times have you started off driving it long and fairly straight… only to start losing distance and accuracy on the back nine?

Do you know why this occurs?

It could be several factors, but one for sure is the muscles involved in your backswing are getting fatigued and tighter with every swing you make. One very effective way to avoid this and blow by your playing partners for 18 holes is golf flexibility training or stretching right on the course.

You heard that correctly!

PicTake a look at the picture I’ve provided. You see me “on the course” using my club… doing a simple, yet effective backswing golf stretch. I do this one all the time on the course. Make sure to do it twice each time; hold for 10 seconds; then shake the muscles out to get ready for your next shot.

You’ll be amazed how much looser you feel on the back nine.

Golf flexibility evaluation to pinpoint areas needing work.

Here’s a little test you can do while your sitting there reading this article!

Put your arms across your chest and keep your eyes focused straight ahead. Now rotate as far as you can to the right and make a not of how far it is. Did you get to a 90 degree shoulder turn (that’s where you need to be). Then rotate as far as you can to the left. How far did you get.

This will be a “wake-up” call for many of you. If you find you can’t rotate at least 70 degrees of center, you’ll have no chance at maximizing your power and driving distance.

We do this simple core flexibility test seated to remove cheating of the lower body. If you were standing, it would be very easy to rotate your hips and get a bigger shoulder rotation.

Being seated removes this compensation!

A seated rotation is “true” core flexibility and range of motion.

If your core is physically restricted, you will not be able to make a complete 90 degree shoulder turn with minimal tension.

I hope this opens your eyes to the importance of golf flexibility training to improve golf swing speed, power and distance.

Taking this approach to your total golf performance program will give you quicker results, that are effective and long-term. It’s not all about pounding hundreds of balls at the range. Nor is it buying the latest, greatest titanium driver.

Remember who’s swing those fancy, expensive clubs. You! Your body dictates your golfing ability and outcome. If you are serious about your game… you’ll take a look at your golf specific restrictions and implement a golf flexibility training program to eliminate these restrictions, and maximize your golf performance.

About The Author:

Mike Pedersen is an internationally known golf performance expert. He is Golf Magazines Golf Performance Expert; has been featured on; also a noted expert and quoted in the top golf magazines in the world, as well as the founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance membership sites. Take a look at his just released golf training system at

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