Tune Driver Bluetooth Speaker Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 7th, 2018
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I admit I’m not a fan of golfers who play music on the golf course.  I think it is a bit intrusive. Plus most of the selections I’ve heard on the course are barf-worthy to my eclectic musical tastes.  Please do not play Gun’s N Roses, Nickleback, Hootie & The Blowfish, Kenny G, Pearl Jam… and for the love of God himself, NEVER play Coldplay, anywhere, anytime…. EVER.

I’m trying to open up my old-school attitude though, and I’m totally cool with playing music on the range, when playing alone, or when ALL of the members of your group are okay with it, so long as the tunes don’t bother anyone else on the course.  So when I’m in that situation, I’ve got a super cool 15th club in the bag, the Tune Driver bluetooth speaker.   Let’s take a look, er, um, listen.

Above you can see the Tune Driver in action in my current gamer bag.  The speaker is much larger than speakers in any phone, so it can pump out much better volume and especially bass.  If I’m going to rock, I need to feel the kick drums.  I especially like super heavy instrumental metal with heavy guitars and technical double bass drumming.  Pound the listener into submission.


The Tune Driver receives its audio program via bluetooth connection.

The controls on the driver include the following buttons: power, mute, volume up, volume down, and bluetooth.

The shaft comes in separate segments so it can be unscrewed and stored/transported easily.  The unit will work without the shaft, so some may choose to just use the head only.

To charge the speaker simply plug it into a USB port via the included USB charging cable (photo below).

In Action

The video below shows the Tune Driver in action, but the video can’t come close to reproducing how good the audio quality is.  The speaker can really pump out the volume and the tone is super.

Connecting the Tone Driver to any bluetooth device is easy.  I’ve used it not only on the course, but it has found a solid place in my garage where I can do “man garage” things and listen to some decent tunes or radio.

In The Box

Final Thoughts

The Tune Driver ($110) is made of solid materials and produces super bluetooth audio.  It is great for enjoying programs on and off the course.  Tune Driver would make a great golf gift. Just make sure the tournament committee doesn’t count it as an illegal 15th club!

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