Second First Look: Indi Golf StingRay TT ScoopBack Wedges

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 1st, 2018
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Is there an echo in here? HOG readers might remember I did my first look post, and a full Indi Golf StingRay TT ScoopBack 60 degree lob wedge review.  I’ve had such success with the 60 that I personally reached out to Indi Golf for the matching wedges to replace two of my old ones and fill the gaps better with different lofts.

Left: 50 degree, Right: 56 degree

You see, after changing irons this summer I ended up with a major gap between my pitching wedge and my gap wedge.  Either I needed to get rid of a long iron or hybrid and insert a gap gap wedge, or change gap wedge lofts to center it better between my sand and pitching wedge.

ScoopBack design puts weight high in the toe

In a couple of days I’ll be putting these two new wedges in the bag for my first on-course testing opportunity.  I’ll log several weeks’ worth of rounds before posting my review, so stay tuned.

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