Review: Indi Golf StingRayTT ScoopBack Lob Wedge

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 5th, 2018
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Anyone who has followed me on social networks is well aware of my struggles with my short game.  I’m a solid putter, decent driver of the ball, okay iron striker… But if I miss a green my short game is often not strong enough to save par.  I’ve been as low as 10-20% on my save percentage. That’s not going to get it done. When you miss a bunch of greens that can only add up to a bunch of bogeys or worse. I’ve worked hard to improve the short game this year, and I’ve made improvement.  Part of my recent improvement includes the Indi Golf StingRayTT ScoopBack lob wedge.

Indi Golf StinRayTT ScoopBack

There are numerous technologies which make the StingRayTT unique.  First off the face is milled with “traction grooves.”  These grooves run the entire length of the club face.  For some reason I often hit my chips on the toe and the grooves which extend into that area really help with distance control.

“Friction surface” is another face feature which adds more grip and control.  The surface helps prevent the ball sliding up the face and promotes more spin.

ScoopBack technology provides forgiveness by varying the face thickness and moving the weight to the perimeter.  There is quite a bit of mass moved from the center of the head to the upper toe area.  That mass in the upper toe helps provide distance and control on off-center shots and shots where the golfer is opening the wedge up (flops).

In order to keep the visual appearance of the wedge attractive the wedge features a “spoiler line.” The top-line of the club is beveled so the thickness of the ScoopBack looks natural when standing over the ball.


The StingRayTT lob wedge I tested is a 60 degree model.  The lie is 64 degrees with 8 degrees of bounce.  The club length is 35 inches and finished swing weight is a D5. Graphite shaft options include ProjectX ZL 6.0 (stiff), 6.0 (regular), and 3.5 (women/senior).


Two shafts are available with the StingRayTT.  Steel options include the KBS 120 wedge shaft (stiff) and KBS 110 (regular).


The included grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet.  Quite adequate.

On The Course

I’ve enjoyed gaming the StingRayTT.  On shots from about 90 yards and closer the TT is most often my weapon of choice.  Full swings in that 90 yard range fly high and straight, and have a ton of spin.  I have to be sure to carry the shot all the way or even past the landing area to account for backspin.

Chipping with the TT is terrific.  The super grip the face provides gives me more spin and distance control.  I can open the TT up and hit high flops which land softly, or close the face down and pinch a running shot.  All good.

One big and great surprise I found with the TT is bunker play.  The 8 degree grind is perfect for my sand game. I’m able to blast out very good shots from green side bunkers in varying sand, from soft fluffy to hardpan.  Getting out of bunkers is as easy as it has ever been for me.

Final Thoughts

The Indi Golf StingRayTT ScoopBack lob wedge offers numerous technologies not found in big brandname wedges which provide excellent forgiveness and control.  Checck out Indi Golf’s offerings before you pull the trigger on your next wedge purchase.

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