10 Quick Ways to Lose What Little Golf Game You Have

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 26th, 2018
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No matter how bad you play golf, it can always get worse. You can quote me on that.  Here is the special Hooked on Golf Blog top 10 list to help you ruin what little golf game you have left:

  1. Play in a corporate or charity scramble. Please NEVER invite me to these.
  2. Take a lesson.
  3. Practice on mats. You can’t miss a shot. Seriously!
  4. Listen to the advice you got from the hack on the driving range wearing no shirt
  5. Buy the same golf clubs as the latest PGA Tour winner. WITB – What’s in the bag?
  6. Buy golf training aids on ebay. I recommend a $5 golf club stand a.k.a. tomato stand.
  7. Play in a group of bad golfers.
  8. Over-activate your glutes.
  9. Spend all your time practicing golf trick shots and posting them on your social networks, instead of practicing how to play golf.
  10. Play by the rules, if you actually know them.
  11. Play shafts too stiff for your slower swing because you are too manly and must play a “stiff” shaft.
  12. Play “Trackman Roulette.” Analyze your swing with a Trackman and make adjustments in your swing and your equipment, even though your swing changes every 3rd time.

This list goes to 12….

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