My February 2018 WITB

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 25th, 2018
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I made the mistake of looking at Twitter on a Sunday evening. Then I had an acid flashback, well, more specifically a WITB flashback.  I forgot that on Sunday evenings during the PGA Tour season (oh, that never ends) endless “journalists” post their “what’s in the bag” posts. What is this you ask? The winner that week on tour’s clubs are suddenly interesting, since he won. Who cares that he shot two rounds in the 80’s last week and missed the cut!  This week it’s hot stuff.  For more about my opinions on what’s in the bag, check out my post, The Truth About What’s In the Bag Photos.

Who cares what’s in Tiger’s bag? More importantly whats in Tony Korologos’s bag?  I get a lot of requests from readers, okay one, to find out what is in my bag. I do not wish to disappoint, so here’s what I’m gaming right now.

I’ve got two sets of skis.  The ones on the left are Rossignol Sky 7HD’s, 180 length with 98 under foot.  Good all around skis for varying terrain.  The skis on the right are Blizzard Zero G. Those are 185’s. They’re a little wider at 108 under foot, with a more straight shape.  Those are the powder skis.  My poles are very special; Scott poles with one extra basket.  One of a kind. Two of one of a kind I suppose.  Top off the recipe with some Rossignol ski boots and Oakley goggles.

We’ve been getting hammered with snow, finally, so this is what my field of choice looks like at the moment:

I’m excited for spring, when golf season starts back up here. But winter is here now and I’m content to carve up Alta Ski Area until the courses are open.

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