ScoreBand GPS Watch Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 25th, 2015
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Looks like a solid 6-iron to the par-3 9th hole!

The ScoreBand company is filling a vacant spot in the golf accessory industry, affordable golf laser rangefinders and affordable golf GPS devices.  Today’s review is the ScoreBand golf GPS watch.   This unit gives solid yardages, tracks the distance of shots played, and also can serve as a golf scorekeeper. Aesthetically it is not too shabby looking to boot.


  • Front, back, and green center yardages displayed
  • Over 30,000 worldwide courses preloaded with no additional fees
  • Automatically detects the nearest golf course
  • Measures shot distance
  • Scorekeeping

On The Course

I’m not a watch wearer, and golf GPS watches are bigger than regular watches.  So I use the unit attached to my golf bag.  When I’m at my bag I check the yardage right there, then know what club to pull.

I tested this unit over several months and the GPS yardages are quick and accurate.  One can hit a shot with confidence knowing the yardage is right and the club selection is the best one.  I used a laser and a more expensive golf GPS made by another company side by side with the ScoreBand golf GPS watch.  The yardages were nearly identical.


I have the same critiques with this golf GPS watch that I have with seemingly all the others.  First the size and weight are a little big for comfort during a golf swing.

Second, the charging cable for this unit is a non-standard, proprietary cable.  So when you are finally making that lifelong trip to Bandon Dunes or Pebble Beach, make sure you didn’t forget the charging cable.  You won’t find one at a Walgreens.

ScoreBand Golf GPS Watch - click to buy

ScoreBand Golf GPS Watch – click to buy

Price Point

The big selling point of this golf GPS watch is its price point.  At $139 here on Amazon, this unit runs around half the price of many popular golf GPS watches.  As I mentioned, I couldn’t tell a difference in yardage, so I would say $139 is a hell of a deal.


This very affordable and accurate golf GPS watch is a no-brainer.  Consider this golf gps for a Father’s Day Golf Gift, Christmas golf gift, or the perfect unit for the person finally ready to dive into golf GPS technology.

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