First Look: Beltology Silver Spoon Belt

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 6th, 2015
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

Life is good.  Today is yet another day I can confidently say I will not get caught with my pants down.  Today is my first round of “testing” the new Beltology Silver Spoon belt.  So far my pants (actually shorts), are perfectly situated!


The Silver Spoon belt features a waxed cotton material that’s slightly stretchy.  It has leather trim and a polished nickel buckle.  I really dig the stretchy part, and the fact that you can secure the belt on any size, rather than being limited to where the hole punches are.  After a 12″ italian sub, or three days of constipation, it is nice to be able to take the edge off a bit.


Stay tuned for my full review of this nice belt soon.


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