TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 29th, 2015
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TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag

TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag

I received an email from TaylorMade’s PR regarding this week’s Phoenix Open event, the craziest event on the PGA Tour.  Yes, even Tiger Woods is in action this week.  They were hoping I’d mention that the caddies of TaylorMade players this week were ditching those gigantic “tour” bags and going to be using the 2015 Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag.  Well, looks like I just mentioned it.

That email reminded me that I had a review to post, my own experiences with this golf bag.  I’ve had it in play for a couple of months, and been satisfied with the bag.  Let’s take a closer look.


The 14-way top allows the golfer to arrange his/her clubs to their liking.  I’ve flip-flopped between having the longer clubs in the bottom section or in the top section.  If I use a push cart I prefer the bottom.  When I’m slinging it or using a golf cart (ahem, “buggy” for those of you in the U.K.), I prefer to have the longer shafted clubs in the top section.  Putting in and taking out the clubs is easy, which is a big deal.

TaylorMade golf bag

The carry side… click to zoom

The bag’s 10 pockets provide plenty of storage space for everything from golf balls to rain gear to a protective pocket for cell phones or electronic devices.  I’m able to stuff a whole rain suit, extra sweater, gloves, beanie, and lots of other items in there.  “Beanie?” you ask?  It is winter here.

A key part of a carry bag is the strap and the balance of the bag.  The 4-part strap allows me to perfectly balance the bag on my shoulders and makes carrying the bag as enjoyable as it could be for a person with a sketchy back.

Speaking of carrying, this bag weighs only 5.3 pounds.  That’s super light for the size and space provided for the clubs and within the pockets.  With enough golf balls loaded in my bag to insure I don’t run out, my bag weighs about 258 pounds.

On The Course

Whether hoofing, push-carting, or buggying, this bag has performed perfectly and done its job without any hassle or worry.  The legs are solid and I especially like the big handle at the top.  The handle makes picking up and slinging the bag easy.  The handle also is great for putting in and taking out of the car.

I’ve used this bag in some extreme conditions already.  It handled the slow quite well in the 2014 Christmas Classic (sorry about the towel TM).

golf bag taylormade

All-Weather Golf Bag! – click to zoom


Rain, snow, or sunshine the TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag has been a solid performer for me.  I especially like the versatility of being able to carry, push, or ride with it.

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