2014 Gross Match Round One Recap

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 14th, 2014
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I’ve been a little too busy to post the results of my first gross match in my men’s association at Bonneville Golf Club.  The match was Wednesday this week.  Here’s the recap.

Hole 1

On this reachable uphill par-5 I shoved my drive into the trees right.  Then had to try and hit a restricted swing punch 5-iron to get out.  I topped it.  Then from about 110 yards I fatted a wedge.  From 60 yards I hit a decent shot and still had a chance at par.  Unfortunately, my opponent reached the green in two and had about an eight foot eagle putt.  He’d two-putt for birdie, while my par putt would barely miss.

One down.

Hole 2

Short par-4.  I hit a decent drive on the right side of the fairway and a solid gap wedge to the back left corner of the green.  My opponent’s drive was 25 yards longer than mine and he too reached the green in regulation, short left.  I was too cautious with my first putt, leaving a very tough sliding right-to-left putt.  My opponent 3-putted, leaving me this slider putt for the win.  I made a great putt.

All square.

Hole 3

On this longer par-4 I hit a solid drive down the middle while my opponent pulled his drive but was still in the fairway.  I missed the green short-right with a tough chip which would have to land on a downslope.  My opponent’s approach hit the green but with a long and difficult putt.  Once again he 3-putted.  My chip was decent and once again I had a long par putt for the win.  I made a great putt.


Hole 4

This is a very difficult par-4.  Nerves got to me and I hit a very poor drive which nearly went OB right.  I was about 225 from the green.  My opponent was in no better shape though.  He hooked his drive left and hit a tree, leaving himself probably 240 out.  He hit a solid iron to the front fringe.  I hit a very poor 2nd shot which dribbled to about 125 yards, a good number.  My gap wedge ended up pin high, about 20 feet.  My opponent’s chip would come up short and he would two-putt for bogey.  Once again, I had a long putt to win the hole.  I made a great putt.  (Do we have the theme of the day yet?)


Hole 5

This is another reachable par-5 but with a crazy-difficult green.  I hit a solid drive as did my opponent, but we were both in the left rough.  With his length, my opponent should be able to get there in two with an iron again.  I’m 265 out in deep rough, so I took my medicine and laid up with a 7-iron.  I had about 60 yards left due to the downhill 2nd shot.   My opponent did not make the green in two and both of our 3rd shots came up on the front fringe, about a foot off the green.  This is not a bad position as it was a front pin and with the crazy green there was NO way either of us was going to go long.  We both get up and down for par, the first hole in the match which was tied.


Hole 6

The par-3 6th was playing about 195 yards downhill.  I had honors and hit a solid 6-iron to the front of the green.  Unfortunately it was a back pin.  My opponent’s tee shot was a pull into some clover which was quite deep.  He hit a decent chip, leaving himself about a 15 footer for par.  I gagged poorly on my approach putt, leaving myself a 10 footer for par.  My opponent missed his par putt, leaving me an opening for another win.  This time, in the shadows, I missed.  Another tie.  I was not happy.  My mistake cost me a win on this hole.

Hole 7

Still with honors, I hit driver on this short par-4.  I pulled it and hit a tree, leaving myself a nutty punch shot under two trees.  My opponent’s long drive was down the left side.  He too was left with a shot which required a punch.  My punch looked good, but kicked right at the end into the only greenside bunker.  My opponent’s punch went over the green to a tough chipping position.  His chip went long, leaving him a long putt to save par.  I hit a great blast out of the bunker which rolled to about 12 feet.  He missed his par putt.  I made a great putt to win the hole.


Hole 8

Another short par-4 with a tiny postage stamp green.  To leave myself a good yardage in, I hit 3-wood instead of driver.  My long opponent however, hit driver and nearly drove the green.  My approach from 100 with my lob wedge was a tiny bit long, ending on the back right fringe with a back right pin.  I was probably  20 feet.  My opponent’s lag putt left him a tap-in par.  Before stroking my birdie putt from the fringe, I told myself, “let’s make this f’er.”  I made a great putt to win the hole.


Hole 9

Ranked one of the toughest par-3 holes in the state, a bad tee shot on this hole means a 4 or 5 guaranteed.  Hitting the green is a must.  With the honor, I hit a pure 7-iron from 181 which finished about six feet above the hole.  Very tough putt, but a great position.  My opponent blocked his tee shot into the hazard right.  There was almost no way I could lose the hole at that point.  He’d get up and down for bogey.  I wanted a 2, but with the speed of the putt I had a power lip which sent the putt a good five feet past.  I made a great putt.

5UP after nine holes

Hole 10

I blocked my tee shot to the right into the right rough on this uphill par-4.  My opponent hit a good drive up the left side.  I hit a poor 5-iron and pulled it left of the green with a very difficult chip.  This is one of the toughest greens on the course with a massive slope back to front.  Above the hole is dead.  My opponent missed short right and would make bogey.  I hit a fantastic chip which rolled above the hole, nearly going in.  Solid par putt from three feet.


Hole 11

This short little par-4 has been giving me fits lately.  It should be easy.  I hit a 4-iron to about 125 out.  My opponent hit an iron off the tee as well.  Both of our approach shots came up short.  I was close enough to be able to putt but he had to chip.  His chip was solid, getting him to where I gave him the par putt.  I was too aggressive with my birdie putt (wanted to end the match asap) and ran it by too far.  I missed the par putt, losing the hole.


Hole 12

This is a reachable par-5 which I hit a very solid drive on.  My opponent was a little left, forcing him to have to hit a layup for his 2nd shot.  For his 3rd he was 150 out and hit his shot over the green, leaving a very difficult downhill chip.  My 2nd shot ended up about 30 yards short from about 260.  I hit an absolutely perfect lob wedge to about six inches for a tap-in birdie.  He would fail to chip-in for birdie.


After winning the previous hole I put myself in perfect position to win the match.  Dormie with six holes to go.  Just to tie the match, my opponent would have to win all of the last six holes.  Instead, I hit a solid drive and 8-iron to this tough par-4 and made a par which would beat his bogey and close him out.

Match closed out on the 13th green – 7&5

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