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Leading Golf Blogger Tony Korologos Releases 2014 Masters Apparel Script

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 10th, 2014
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2013 was a big year for me.  It was the first year I started to release MY OWN “apparel scripts” for the major championships in golf.  And every so often, I post a daily script and let all my fans readers patrons know what kind of socks or underwear I’m wearing.  This all came about with the golf public relations trend of releasing apparel scripts of the players who represent their client golf company’s product line.

I’ve complained many times online and in my many social networks that if these golf companies are going to release the apparel scripts of players like Tiger Woods or Rickie Fowler, which I believe nobody gives a damn about, they should make them interesting and complete.  None of them include the player’s underwear for starters.  Why not script what underwear they wear, what condom brand they used the night before, or what toothpaste they use?

2014 Masters Apparel Script - Golf PR Companies Take Note

2014 Masters Apparel Script – Golf PR Companies Take Note

In putting together my apparel script for this year’s Masters I decided I would only use Masters apparel items I have laying around the house.  I decided to pose in the Golf Digest Paulina Gretzky “fitness” pose.  It is a fantastic combination of creativity on my part, and paying respect to the journalistic brilliance of the Golf Digest Paulina photos.

Please note that I did this script all by myself.  The wife didn’t help with the scripting at all, though she does get photo credit.  Thanks dear.

I’m already looking ahead to the U.S. Open and what groundbreaking apparel scripting I might come up with then.  Perhaps a men’s thong? A lampshade on my head?  Feel free to send in ideas.

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