Golf Channel Announces All Female Big Break Florida

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 28th, 2014
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Golf Channel announced the latest in their Big Break reality show, “Big Break Florida.” This version will feature an all female cast and will be hosted by Tom Abbott and Melanie Collins.

Big Break Florida

Big Break Florida

For more information refer to the Big Break Florida press release here.

6 responses to “Golf Channel Announces All Female Big Break Florida”

  1. Brian Markowitz says:

    One of my favorite shows!

  2. SimonM says:

    Have to love it! The all female casts are the best…for many reasons. Now if only they replace Tom Abbot (who is annoying to me) with Holly Sonders.

  3. SimonM says:

    Tony, your note intrigued me, so I Googled Melanie Collins. OMG, she is gorgeous!! Now another reason for my wife to hate me watching The Golf Channel

  4. Ryan @Front9Back9 says:

    Well, we can always count on most of them being easy on the eyes… Nothing new this season.