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Bad 9-11 Golf Course Promotion Idea – Other Suggestions

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
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Yesterday the web and social networks were buzzing with with a large backlash over a 9-11 promotion a Wisconsin golf course advertised. The “12th Anniversary of 9-11” ad offered a round of nine holes for $9.11 or 18 holes for $19.11.

Many thought this was in poor taste, as did I. The course received so much bad press and so many negative social comments that they offered an apology, then saying they’d donate the proceeds to a 9-11 charity. Now it seems they’re considering closing the course today (9/11/13).

I have some other bad golf marketing suggestions this course can try throughout the year:

Columbine High School Massacre Madness Sale

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Discount

Kennedy Assassination Pricing, $19.63 per round

Pearl Harbor Pricing, $19.41 per round

Titanic Golf Savings, $19.12 per round

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