Golf Shoe Review: Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes - click to see more

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to see more

Ecco Golf is constantly impressing me with their great shoes and their new designs. Even more impressive is the comfort. Combining a traditional classic golf shoe design with a hybrid style platform is the uber-cool Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip golf shoe. Let’s take a look.

Tour Hybrid Wingtip Overview

The Tour Hybrid is the tale of two halves, the upper and the sole.

The upper is a classicly styled wingtip look with a rich, waterproof leather. Ecco’s treatment for waterproofing is called “Hydromax.” Despite being leather, the shoe is very breathable and soft. Inside the upper is a full leather lining.

The sole of the shoe is spikeless, making walking around feel like walking with a comfortable street shoe. The soft-spikes on the bottom of the shoe have 800 “traction angles” which give them a ton of surface area. More surface area on on the spikes means more traction. Simple physics.

Freedom Fit

Classicly designed golf shoes often have pointed toes. There’s nothing worse than squished toes while walking the five or more miles one might walk during a golf round. Ecco employs “Freedom Fit” to eliminate the squished toes. Freedom Fit allows the toes to spread naturally while walking, producing a much more comfortable walking experience and most importantly no toe friction!

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to enlarge


The Tour Hybrid is available in two colors: Lion/Burnt Ochre (pictured in this review) and White/Brick.

On The Course – At The Office

Just like my experience with the fantastic Ecco BIOM golf shoes, the Tour Hybrids are extremely comfortable. Combined with a great golf sock, the comfort and feel of these golf shoes is unmatched.

With the 800 traction angles my spastic golf swing stays firmly planted. A solid base/stance is very important for the golf swing and for generating power. No slippage to date. Full power, Scotty!

My Hybrid Wingtips are possibly the nicest shoes I have, including my dress shoes which also happen to be Ecco. I’ve worn these babies on the course of course, at the office and around town, enjoying the comfort and very hip modern-retro styling.


I have an issue with Ecco and their sizing. Ecco uses European sizes which don’t necessarily translate well to USA sizing. I’m a USA size nine on the noze. Ecco’s European sizing comes in either 42 or 43 for my range. 42 translates to 8-8.5 while 43 translates to 9-9.5. So the 43 may run too big while the 42 runs too small.

Ecco: I suggest changing sizes or coming out with half sizes such as 42.5. I’d be a 42.5!

Father’s Day

If you really LOVE dad, the $190 retail Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtips would be a fantastic Father’s Day golf gift, Christmas gift, birthday, Monday… any day.


Whether wearing the Ecco Tour Hybrids in your club championship or your clubhouse, the looks, comfort and performance are what one expects from Ecco: the BEST.

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