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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
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Golf shoes have really taken a turn in design the last few years.  I remember the big buzz at the 2010 Masters was the fact that Fred Couples looked to be wearing some kind of casual, spikeless street shoe.  I followed him around that day and saw them in person.  Two years later the golf/street hybrid design is huge.  Everyone is making them and the shoes are getting better and better.  One of the absolute best hybrid golf street shoes I’ve tested is the Ecco BIOM Hybrid.  Let’s take a look.

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe – click for more

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe Overview

The BIOM model employs Ecco’s “Natural Motion” concept.  This is a concept in which the shoe supports and enables the human body’s natural systems for absorbing impact and transferring momentum.

The upper of the shoe (top half) is made of a breathable Yak leather which is three times stronger than other leathers.  Despite the strength, the leather is very soft to the touch.  I mentioned previously in my Ecco BIOM preview that sometimes I find myself in a daze, caressing the Yak leather…

The leather is also treated with “Hydromax,” which gives the shoe superb weather and water protection.

The structure of the mid-sole arch support mirrors the foot skeleton.  No unnatural supports, resulting in comfort with high performance.

The bottom of the shoe has roughly 100 (I stopped counting) molded traction bars.

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoes

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoes – click for more

These bars replace traditional golf spikes but provide far more surface traction area, with more than 800 “traction angles.”  These bars are made from a material called TPU, a highly durable material which lasts five times longer than rubber.

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoes

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoes – Click to zoom or see more images


Since the first day I put the BIOM’s on, I’ve had people coming up to me and asking me about them.  One of those people is the merchandise manager at my home course.  He had nothing but great comments about the BIOM’s.

Despite being a hybrid street shoe, the BIOM design is very classy and sharp looking.

On The Course

I’ve logged many rounds in the BIOM’s.  Some of those rounds are early morning, with dew on the ground.  Some are simply in wet conditions from the heavy watering which has to be done here in the desert in the summer.  In other words, I’ve put these to the test in some very slippery conditions.  In hundreds of swings (not per round mind you…) I have yet to slip once.  I owe that to the 800 traction angles I suppose.

The great traction I mentioned above means great performance and power in the golf swing.  If your base isn’t stable, the rest of the swing is going to fail.  I’ve got a ton of power.  In fact, I’m hitting some draws and gaining a bit of distance because my base is so solid.


White/Brick (pictured)
Cocoa Brown/Fanta


Ecco is widely known for making the most comfortable street and dress shoes on the planet.  The $190.00 BIOM Hybrid golf shoe is just as comfortable as my uber-comfortable Ecco dress shoes, and perhaps even better looking.  The shoe combines performance with modern, classy style.  A total winner.


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6 responses to “Review: Ecco BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoes”

  1. Cliff says:

    Actually about 73 traction bars. 🙂 Eating lunch at my desk, and took the time to count them.

  2. David Helter says:

    H Tony,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding BIOM Hybrid from ECCO. Your history lesson on the hybrid category is correct. ECCO, with a huge assist from Freddie Couples, launched the hybrid category. After watching the explosive growth of the hybrid category for 1 1/2 years, the rest of the industry decided it was not “just a fad” but a major trend and decided to make their versions of the ECCO Street Premiere. Meanwhile, ECCO has expanded our hybrid offerings making new colors, adding a textile version, making a Street in camel leather and then adding BIOM Hybrid to the collection. For 2013, we will continue to stay ahead of the pack by adding a very young & sporty vrsion of Street. But, the BIGGEST launch for ECCO Golf in the hybrid category for 2013 will be a series of classic uppers, like wing-tips, sddle shoes and classic oxfords, with a hybrid bottom like Street. This will allow those traditionalist who grew up wearing traditional tyles to wear a hybrid shoe. We think this will continue to grow our dominate position in this growing category.

    If our predictions are correct, more than 50% of the pairs of golf shoes sold in the US in 2013 wil be in this hybrid category.

    If you or any of your readers will be at the PGA Show in Las Vegas August 21-22, please stop by the ECCO booth for a sneak preview of our 2013 collection.

    Hope you hit only fairways and greens!

    David Helter
    Sales Director – ECCO Golf

  3. Thanks for the comments David. I’m anxious to check out the wing tip version you mentioned. Sounds very cool.

    Unfortunately, but fortunately, I will not be at the Vegas expo this year. I’ll be in Michigan on a leg of the HOG World Tour doing some course/travel reviews.

    Lets keep in touch though!

  4. Vin Patel says:

    I’ve had a pair of these shoes for about 3 months now. While they are by far amongst the most comfortable shoes I”ve had, I am not pleased with the wear on the traction bars – I’m a medium built guy (6′, 175 lbs) with a normal gait/walk and after about 2 dozen rounds and maybe a dozen times using them for normal (not a walking marathon of any kind) street wear, I found those traction bars were really worn out (like >1/2 gone). I called ECCO and they were kind enough to send me a replacement (this time I went for the more upscale BIOM with the plastic spikes, not the street hybrid, I paid a bit for the difference). In my view the jurys out in terms of the wearability on the traction bars, I’m curious to see if more customers see this issue.





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