Review: Wilson Staff Fybrid RS Fairway Wood

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
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Wilson Staff FYbrid 5w

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5w – click to zoom

Today we are covering the Wilson Staff FYbrid RS fairway metalwood.  This review will be based on my experience playing the 18.0 degree 5w, or what we would traditionally call a 5-wood.  The term “wood” is a throwback from the days when the clubs were actually made out of wood.  I’d prefer to call it a 5-metal or 5-metalwood.

RS FYbrid Fairway Overview

The word FYbrid comes from the words “fairway” and “hybrid” combined.  The FYbrid line contains seven individual clubs which morph from hybrid (the shorter clubs) to fairway (the longer clubs).  The 5w doesn’t look like a combination of a fairway/hybrid.  It is more of a standard fairway metal.

The “RS” in the name comes from the club’s “Rocker Sole.”  The Rocker Sole is a rounded sole at the face of the club, which helps the player get the face at the proper position at address.  Material is moved from the heel and toe of the club, making it easier to hit shots from lies other than perfect.

The center of gravity is moved back and low to make the club easy to hit and make shots fly at a higher launch and trajectory.  Getting the ball in the air quicker is easier with this design.

The face has three zones which vary in thickness.  This “Three-Zone Face Technology” optimizes the sweet spot, increases accuracy and helps make off-center shots fly farther and straighter.  We could all use that!

Wilson Staff FYbrid 5w RS

FYbrid RS 5w at address – click to zoom


The look of this club when standing over it is very traditional and aesthetically pleasing.  The face lines up nicely and I feel good over the shot, knowing that I’m aligned properly.


The feel and feedback of the club are nice.  A well struck shot feels like butter and makes a distinct pinging sound.  Off center shots are translated to your hands and ears giving feedback, but the forgiveness of the club helps with what would normally be distance and accuracy lost.


The shaft on the FYbrid 5w I have in the bag is very interesting.  This is a “half-and-half” shaft which is half graphite and half steel.  Best of both worlds I suppose.  Many other more standard shafts are available.

FYbrid Line Specifications

Club Loft Left Handed Swing Weight Length Men’s
3W 15.0 Y D2 43.0″
5W (featured) 18.0 Y D2 42.0″
FY 19.5 Y D2 41.0″
3H 21.0 Y D2 40.5″
4H 24.0 Y D2 40.0″
5H 27.0 Y D2 39.5″
6H 30.0 Y D2 39.0″
Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5w

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5w with head cover – click to zoom

Head Cover

Many golf companies slack in the head cover department.  It almost seems as if they don’t even try the covers on the course.  The Wilson covers however, are great.  Putting the cover on and taking it off is easy and not irritating.

On The Course

My 18 degree FYbrid has been a great tool.  It fills a gap between my regular or strong 3-metals which are anywhere from 13-15 degrees, and my hybrids which start at 21 degrees.  The club is easier to hit than a 3-metal, but goes nearly as far.

Shots out of varying lies are easy to hit as the description says.  In fact, I’ve hit this club from everywhere with great results, even fairway bunkers.  It is nice to know that even though I may be 235 yards from the green in a bunker, I can still get it there provided the lip isn’t too high.

The distance I get with this club is perfect for those “go times” when trying to reach par-5’s in two.  The no-go times when a dependable club other than a driver on a par-4 is needed, is a great time for the FYbrid RS 5w.  And long par-3’s are no longer that tough when it is this easy to hit long and high shots.


The FYbrid 5w is a fine club which fills a great space between a 3-metal and a hybrid.  The club is easy to hit, has great feel and feedback, and launches the ball nice and high.

Well played Wilson.  Seriously.

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  1. freegolfhandicapcalculator says:

    I have always been a fan of Wilson gear and apparel. They make really good stuff.


  2. greatgolfdeals says:

    Wilson Staff equipment is very high quality stuff. Too bad it has never really caught on in terms of popularity.





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