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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 6th, 2012
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Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5H

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5H – click to zoom

I was so excited to try out the new Wilson Staff “FYbrid” clubs that I hit them before I took my images.  Normally I shoot my images before I scratch up the faces and such, but not this time… Today I’m covering the FYbrid RS 5H or 5-Hybrid.  The club is a 27 degree hybrid, the 2nd shortest in the line.  See club lofts under specs below.

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5H Overview

So what exactly is a FYbrid anyway?  You guessed it.  FYbrid is a combination of a fairway metal and hybrid club.   The FYbrid line contains seven clubs.  The shortest clubs have a hybrid head design and the line morphs into a fairway style head design as the clubs get longer.


The RS in the name stands for “Rocker Sole.”  The face is rounded at the bottom or sole, helping the player get the ball into the proper position at address.  The material taken away from the heel and toe of the club face promote solid contact through varying lies and surfaces.

The head is deep and the crown (top) of the club fairly flat.  This helps bring the club’s center of gravity down low and toward the back of the club head.  Low back weighting helps the ball launch higher and quicker.

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5h Face

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5h Face – click to zoom

The face of the club employs a “Three-Zone” technology.  In this design the face thickness is varied to enhance the sweet spot of the club for more distance and accuracy.

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5h At Address

Wilson Staff FYbrid RS 5h At Address


The top line of the club has a nice and basic design.  The crown is clean and free of crazy designs or nutty high-tech paint patterns.  Since my test club has 27 degrees, a lot of the club face is seen at address.

Feel And Feedback

The feel of this club is excellent.  The variable thickness of the face makes impact pleasurable, as well as providing feedback as to the quality of the strike.

The pinging sound the club makes at impact tells you when you’ve hit it well.

On The Course

At 27 degrees, my FYbrid 5H comes in at the loft of roughly a six or five iron.  So I chose to replace the 5-iron in my set during my tests since I figured I might get a little more carry, which I did.

This club launches the ball at a much higher angle for me than a six or five iron.  Every time I hit it long and high, I thought to myself, this must be what it is like to watch big name pros hit an eight iron 190 yards.  If I tee the club up and get the ball to contact the upper half of the club face, the launch angle is even higher.

With the face at 27 degrees and the rounded sole, I’m able to get the ball launched well out of the rough with not too much difficulty.  The ball comes out hot and high. I do have to be careful not to come in too steep or low in the rough though, as it is possible to undercut the ball and hit a sky shot, despite the depth of the face.

Head Cover

I always like to mention the head cover.  The covers which come with the FYbrid series are nice and classy looking.  They do their job and are easily installed and removed.


This club is great for people who have a hard time hitting longer irons like a 5-iron.  One shot that will be tougher to hit though, is a low punch shot.  This club launches the ball so high, that it may not work when punching out from under trees or trying to hit low launch wind shots.


The FYbrid 5H is extremely easy to hit and gets the ball launched nice and high.  Digging the club out of the rough and getting the ball airborne is much easier than with a long iron.  Because of those qualities, the FYbrid is a great option for long iron replacement.  The club is well made, solid feeling and looks great as well.

Well played Wilson.  Seriously.


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