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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
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I’m compelled to post a reader’s recent comments here for a couple of reasons.  First, the comments are complimentary of one of my product reviews.  Second, it allows me a chance to clarify how some things work here and how I do my golf product reviews or blog posts.

Surprisingly there are many sour pusses who think that all I am is a “shill” for golf companies or that all I’m posting is ads for golf gear or courses.  Quite frankly I think they don’t read the posts.  I don’t get paid by anyone to post my equipment posts or course reviews.  I don’t write my posts so I can get “free gear.”  I post whatever I feel like posting on a daily basis because I feel it is interesting to me and may be interesting to those who frequent the site, or just plain love the game of golf.  If a company does send me in a sleeve of golf balls, a golf club, a shirt or whatever–the amount of work I put in testing it, shooting photos and writing the posts far exceeds in man hours what it would have cost to go buy the damn thing.

Below is a comment from reader Mike Ryan, who posted on my Bridgestone J40 3+ Fairway review, but was commenting regarding my Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Review


I used to think that you were just a shill for the equipment companies, and trying cadge some free equipment. I took your reviews with a grain of salt.
However I look at you in a new light, I took your advice and tried the Adams Idea Tec V3. I was a confirmed TM guy, but the V3 is far superior. Thanks.

I’m not worthy!!!!!!


My response:

Thanks Mike Ryan. You’re not the first to think that for some reason. I’ve even had people comment that the posts look like advertisements. I put a lot of work into testing the clubs. I usually test clubs a good month at 3-4 rounds per week for my reviews. I shoot my own pictures and spend a lot of time forming my own opinions in my blog posts, but for some reason that goes unnoticed by some who must quickly glance at the site and not really read the entire reviews.

I should post somewhere that IF I post a review, it will for the most part be positive. I try to keep the reviews in a positive light, but still provide constructive criticism if I can. If I receive products which are junk, I’ll usually decline to review them.

So as you can imagine, that comment made my morning and you can see why I wanted to share it.  Also it gave me an opportunity to clarify how I like to operate with regards to reviews.  I prefer positive posts and articles, and I’ll try to stay on that theme with my reviews if at all possible.

4 responses to “Great reader comments – How things work here”

  1. John Duval says:

    I experience the same thing with reviews on my site. Most people just assume I want free stuff and will say something good about everything, but they don’t realize that most of the clubs I receive for testing & review are sent back to the companies after and if I see something that is lacking I’ll mention it in my review. Like you, if a company sends me something that is below par I try to point out the positives rather than rip them a new one. However, I have been hard on a few companies before and taken flack for it too. It’s a thankless job and it’s nice when people leave you good comments like that.

  2. Thanks for the comments JD. You bring up some good points. Regarding the flack, I’ve gotten it too. Perhaps a subject for another discussion, but it is funny when a company will ask for your “honest opinion” but when you give it they complain!

    On the other side of the coin, I’ve had companies who were very thankful of my critiques and used them as a guide to improve their products. In the end they’ve thanked me for helping them “see” things they couldn’t see because they were too close to the product.

  3. Mike Gulla says:

    Tony, you are the man and I love the blog. I have kept up with you for a few years now and your product reviews have really helped with my golf purchases. Keep it up man. Thanks.

  4. Matt Montgomery says:

    First-time poster here. A pleasure to join you.





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