Thoughts on Rory McIlroy and the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 20th, 2011
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Rory McIlroy wins U.S. Open

Rory McIlroy - 2011 U.S. Open Champion - click for more

This past week’s U.S. Open has been one of the best, most entertaining and most surprising in recent memory.  Not surprising that Rory McIlroy won, as he was my pick to win. Surprising that McIlroy destroyed the field and blew away many records in this championship which is 111 years old.

U.S. Open Scoring Record

Rory McIlroy set the all time winning score record at -16.  That score practically laps the previous record of -12 by Tiger Woods.

Most Under Par At Any Point In A U.S. Open

Rory reached -17 for a while yesterday, which was an extension of his previous records of 13, 14, 15 and 16 under par.  The previous record for strokes under par was a tie between Tiger Woods and Gil Morgan at -12.

Quickest To Double Digits Under Par

McIlroy reached double digits under par in only 26 holes.  That blew away the old record of 39 holes by Gil Morgan.

36 Hole Scoring Record

With rounds of 65-66, Rory McIlroy set a new U.S. Open 36 hole scoring record of 131.

Not Records, But Noteworthy

McIlroy (-16) finished eight shots ahead of the nearest player, Jason Day (-8).  Not a record in the U.S. Open.  That distinction belongs to Tiger Woods, who won at Pebble Beach in 2000 by 15 shots.

McIlroy did something extremely uncommon for an Open, shot four rounds in the 60’s.

After making birdie on the par-4 4th hole in the final round, McIlroy had a 10 shot lead.  His approach had settled to about three feet.

With the win, McIlroy will move to #4 in the world golf rankings.

How about the state of USA professional golf?  Six out of the last 10 major championships have been won by non American players.

2nd consecutive year that Northern Ireland wins the U.S. Open. What are the odds?

10th Hole Entertainment

Just before Rory hit his shot on the 10th, one of the first real danger holes which could take a bite out of his chances of winning, NBC announcer Johnny Miller mentioned that he could hit two balls in the water.  So what does Rory do?  Hits a 6-iron over the flag which catches the slope of the green and nearly goes in for a hole in one.  Tap in birdie.  Nice call Johnny.  Try again.

“I thought that was probably the biggest point in the round because Yang had just stuck it in there close. So to follow that shot up with mine was pretty cool. To get the ovation coming on to the green, it was nice. And I was very happy to play the 10th and the 11th hole at 1-under par today, because they were two holes that you had the possibility of making a big number on. And to play those at 1-under par was big for me.” ~Mcilroy on his play at the 10th and 11th holes on Sunday

U.S. Open Setup?

I was surprised at the lack of “U.S. Open like conditions.”  I think Congressional Country Club was playing too easy for a U.S. Open and so do most actual golf journalists it seems.  Once again, I don’t consider myself a golf journalist.  I’m a golf blogger.  There’s a difference, but sometimes we can agree.  Not many scribes think the Open will return to Congressional because it is too easy and a little bit on the boring side.  I agree.  The Open should be a stern test, where even par or close to it is the winning score.  So far the most Open-like conditions this year have been at the tournament I covered live on location a few weeks ago, the Byron Nelson.

That being said, I do not discount Rory’s win at all and anyone who does is a bonehead.

Jason Day

Jason Day has been playing insane golf in the last few majors.  Dating back to 2010, Day has had three top ten finishes.  The last two majors now, the Masters and U.S. Open, Jason has two runner-up finishes.  Look for Jason Day to win a major sooner than later at this pace.

It you look at Jason’s score of -8 in this year’s U.S. Open, that would have been enough to win 26 of the last 30.

DC Fans Are Boneheads?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard more post swing yelling from idiot fans than this week.  How many times can some dumb ass yell “you’re the man,” or “get in the hole?”  These pinheads should be removed.  Show some class people.

More Story Lines

Man how many story lines are there this year anyway?  Couldn’t possibly cover them all.   It was a great week.

3 responses to “Thoughts on Rory McIlroy and the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club”

  1. Lily says:

    After watching Rory’s incredible day yesterday, I was on the same page as you wondering if the Congressional is too easy. I do believe that Rory has amazing talent and unprecedented skill, but -16?

    On another note, I love watching Jason Day… the ease of golf, his wife as his caddy; all make me want to root for him!

  2. Ben says:

    Loved this year’s Open. It has resparked a lot of talk about the game.

  3. SMrozek says:

    Congrats to Rory. A well deserved, convincing win. He should be force to be reckoned with going forward.

    A course isn’t too easy when 2nd place is -8. Could it have been tougher? Of course. But too easy? Ask the 130+ golfers who shot over par how easy it was.

    I also agree that the moronic drunks who yell after each shot need to be warned to cool it, and if they continue, escorted off the course.





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