Golf Babes Category Added

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 24th, 2011
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Golf Babe Category

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There are too many golf babes out there for me to resist… creating their own category here.  So I’ve added the HOG Golf Babe blog post category as well as consolidated many of the pictures of golf babes into the HOG Golf Babe gallery.  The Golf Babe gallery menu link is also added to the HOG main menu under Photo Gallery.

Old posts may not be categorized and I may never get to them.  But any new posts about Natalie Gulbis, Paula Creamer, Blair O’Neal, Anna Rawson and the rest, will certainly be added to the HOG Golf Babe category…

3 responses to “Golf Babes Category Added”

  1. SimonM says:

    Tony, knew this was a great idea…glad you went ahead with it. watch your hit rate ratchet up! One suggestion, if i may: a link on each picture page (or the last picture for each “babe”) back to the gallery. Would make it easier for a visitor to run through the entire gallery without hitting “back, back, back….”. Cheers.

  2. Thanks SimonM. You can click on the parent levels of each photo or album in the top bar. Also there’s a first/previous/last link above and below the images…

  3. SimonM says:

    Tony, thanks….now I see it. Duh to me this time.