This week’s tweets for 2011-03-13

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 13th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous
  • I'd like to suggest we call sand baggers and people who don't report all of their scores what they really are: CHEATERS. #
  • Back brace on. Icing too. Pain is over the top… #
  • The data center which houses our dedicated server is under a massive DDoS attack. Every time the shut it down the… #
  • HOG / TGS server under major DDoS attack. Will be back online asap. #
  • Still snowing, only harder now. #
  • New memory card in 12.1 megapixel camera. Can now shoot 9999 photos at 3000×4000 pixels, and shoot 176 minutes of HD video. That should do. #
  • It is SNOWING hard here… BOOOO! #
  • The move to the new HOG World Headquarters begins today….Offline for a while. #
  • The tape delay at the Honda is making it just like when I catch up with reality via fast forwarding my DVR… @thehondaclassic #
  • Anyone get the impression that Frank Nobilo really doesn't want Sabbatini to win? #

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