This week’s tweets for 2011-03-06

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 6th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous
  • Had to block a Chinese handbag spammer… Lots of fun. #
  • Back to golf… #
  • #tigerblood #winning @charliesheen Had high hopes for the debut show. Falling asleep. FAIL. Not entertaining at all… Boring… #
  • Dumb dvr didn’t record the 3rd round of the Honda. Watching the replay on Tiger Golf Channel now… #
  • Going to the final Ute home game of the year with my dad and my son. Could be our last chance to see Boylen not coach basketball correctly. #
  • I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album “HOGSHOTS” #
  • Hey I’ll give that one a shot. (@kokogirl) #
  • Teaming up with Pukka Headwear to make HOG/TGS golf hats! @pukkaheadwear #
  • Thinking of creating bogus awards and contests to build followers… Na. I don’t operate like that. #
  • My brain is empty today. Maybe a 2nd cup o’ joe will help fill it up a bit. #
  • Rocco “chose not to be sponsored” this year? Uh, right. #
  • Got back from the funeral and there was a box from Acushnet on my doorstep. That’ll cheer you up. #
  • Going to a funeral today. 🙁 Boo. #
  • Did anyone hear during the Nicklaus interview yesterday, “shall we go to the phones? No, that’s probably not a good idea.” #
  • Woa I’m following 666 people. I hear an Iron Maiden song coming on… 666, the number of the beast… #
  • Time to violate the byu honor code again, and pour my 2nd cup of coffee… Arf Arf… #
  • It has been a great day on a personal level. And now it is finished with my new 2nd fav team the Lobos winning in big fashion… Arf Arf. #
  • What the?!?!?!? Hello clock operator. The game is lost. You don’t need to help your team now. #
  • New Mexico Jimmered the zoo! #
  • Arf Arf…. LOBOS… #
  • Brick. #
  • NO inside game. All the zoo has is 3’s. #
  • That dude’s ankle went the wrong way… #
  • Don’t blow this Lobos… #
  • Hey where is byu’s center? #
  • GO LOBOS! #
  • Apple’s iPad2 released. New features and images here: #
  • FedEx is here again. Forgot a box. Wow. #
  • OMG I’ve got to get back to swinging a golf club soon. Two more drivers arrived at HOG Lab today… #
  • This separated shoulder is driving me nuts. Can’t wait to be done with it and play some golf. GRRRRRRR #
  • Oh goodie. FedEx is driving up… What is coming in today? #
  • #
  • Listening to Jack Nicklaus interview on PGA TOUR #
  • Last week’s fantasy results will be posted today. Don’t forget to start your team for this week’s Honda! #
  • Spent some time on the putting green today with a couple of putter samples. Nice to be there. First time on grass since separated shoulder. #
  • Golfweek’s 101 Winning Golf Tips @GolfweekMag #
  • Book: Plumb Bob Correctly – #
  • Working on fantasy results from last week. Stay tuned. #
  • what a hack… I’ll teach him the long ball… (@johnkim_pga) #
  • Nice trophy. You realize the name of the jpg is “4shit”? (@Luke_Donald) #
  • Bubba Watson’s watch causing a small debate. My take here: @bubbawatson #
  • I’m not watching the oscars, or any NBA game or anything. Just being a golf geek. #
  • Going to rest up for the #golfchat tonight… back in a while. #
  • Tiger is pushed down to #5 in OWGR. Blows my mind he’s ranked that high. #
  • Bubba takes 3rd, secures $490K.. almost enough to pay for his watch. #
  • Poker web site ads? No premium sponsors since the top draws are gonzo? #
  • Enjoy: @TheGolfChick @golfviews @golfexaminer #shutupjohnny #
  • The surround channels of the broadcast just got louder. #
  • Johnny is 2/2 now. #
  • Good news. My pain pills are kicking in…. #separatedshoulder #badback #
  • Threw my back out this morning. Thinking of changing my middle name to “pain.” #

One response to “This week’s tweets for 2011-03-06”

  1. kebgolfer says:

    I know how you feel, I threw my back out two weeks ago. I take xtra strength Doans, they work great. I am really ready to see what Tiger Woods is going to do next week at the WGC Cadillac Championship. He can’t keep making excuses and I am also shocked that he is still ranked at number 5. I wonder what excuse he will use next week?





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