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PR nightmare for Sun Mountain

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 1st, 2010
Categories: Ryder Cup

I’ve reviewed numerous Sun Mountain products and I have to say that I’ve really thought all of them were of the highest quality.  I even reviewed a Sun Mountain rain jacket which fit into a golf ball sleeve and kept me perfectly dry.

That being said, I’m saddened to hear of the PR nightmare that Sun Mountain is undergoing right now, with the rain gear provided to the Ryder Cup team.  The USA Ryder Cup team apparently bought about $5000 worth of new rain gear for the USA team because the old gear was leaking and retaining water.

Corey Pavin:

“We were disappointed with the performance and, you know, we just fixed it. They were not doing what we wanted them to do so we went out and bought some more waterproofs.”

That after this quote from SM:

Check out this photo from a Ryder Cup practice round. That’s a fine looking USA jacket. Weather will most likely be a factor at this year’s event. May the team with the best outerwear win.

Oh damn.  I know Sun Mountain should be confident in their gear because it really is damn good, but that quote backfired.  I feel bad for them.

I suspect part of the problem lies in the embroidery of the players’ names on the back?  I’d have to think that anywhere there were stitches the water could get through the fabric.

Speaking of the players’ names, is it true that Tiger’s rain jacket did NOT have his name?  I’m going to have to roll my DVR back and look.

One response to “PR nightmare for Sun Mountain”

  1. Golf Blog NYC says:

    Ya I was bummed about this too. Sun Mountain is a great company and makes a ton of awesome products. Just unfortunate that the one poorly designed rain jacket they produced hurt them this much.