Happy Easter – No Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Categories: Life

Happy Easter to all my friends, family and HOG readers!  The title says NO GOLF for a couple of reasons.

1. Woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground.  So no golf.

2. No golf on TV.  No PGA Tour.  See my previous post

By the way, what’s with the snow?  Did the Easter bunny come out of his hole and see his shadow this morning, meaning four more weeks of winter?  Isn’t that how that thing works?

6 responses to “Happy Easter – No Golf”

  1. ISBPD says:

    Did you request “no comments?” You do realize that is an invitation to coment, don’t you? Fyi, our little democratic republic (the USA, not UT) was actually founded on Judeo Christian principles. Our founding documents are also based that way. What people commonly assume about the USA is that it is illegal for government officials to preach about God or religion. It is NOT. There is no seperation of Church and State. There IS a freedom to practice a religion of your own choosing, without being persecuted by the government for your selected religion. Personally, I despise all organized religion (including LDS). I was raised full Catholic and I despise that religion too. While organized religions do lots of good charitable work, to me, it is societally condoned scamming from the willing masses who volunteer to be duped by church officials that often claim to have the ear of an imaginary supreme being. But they are given the right by our country’s founders to be so duped, without being persecuted by the goverment. Our founding documents give us all freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM it. As you said, we can all move to a state that suits us better if we feel there is one that suits us better.

  2. I think you meant to comment on the previous post ISBPD.

  3. Travelling Golfer says:

    Hey Tony – You goin’ to Black Mesa this year?

  4. I’m sure gonna try! What’s up?

  5. Old Man Par says:

    Good lord, ISBPD, stick a sock in your rant. I got through two sentences and decided their was enough sanctimony in it to move right along.

    Anyway, ahem, sorry that you couldn’t get any golf in. Seems like someone switched winter off here in the Carolinas about three weeks ago, and we had a rather warm Easter weekend — high temps in the mid to upper 80’s every day. Golf was pretty good, but the dominant strains of Bermuda grass are still just waking up for the year, so we still have last fall’s brown straw in the fairways.

    It won’t be long before temps starting breaking 90 every day with near 100% humidity, and about then four inches of snow will seem like a very good idea.

  6. Travelling Golfer says:

    I got an invite and will think more seriously about it if you’re gonna be there.

    Let’s talk on the phone after you get back from the Masters, you lucky dog 😉





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