Mormon owned TV station bumps PGA Tour coverage!?!? WTF? GRRRRRR….

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
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There are a lot of great reasons to live in Salt Lake City or Utah in general.  We have beautiful mountains, a modest cost of living, fairly low crime rate and last but not least, good and cheap golf.

Living here doesn’t come without having to deal with some very irritating things as well.  Though they’ve improved over the last few years, we have some of the most moronic state laws anywhere.  One such moronic law deems the area between 14 tee and 14 green on Bonneville Golf Course a designated smoking area.  Another stupid Utah law is the fact that someone under 21 years of age working in a restaurant can’t hand me a piece of paper with letters and words from the English language on it.  That piece of paper would be the wine list.  Yes, for a waiter or waitress to hand me a wine list, he or she must be 21.  I could go on about the strange laws, but that isn’t the point of this post.

PGA Tour Bumped By Mormons

It is a cold and dreary weekend.  The cold and snow mean it is too cold to golf.  I’d planned on chilling out in front of the TV in my pajamas to watch the PGA Tour’s Shell Houston Open.  Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington, Angel Cabrera and many other big guns are tuning up for next week’s Masters.  I look at my previous post’t golf TV schedule this week to see that from 1-5 eastern time the tournament is airing on NBC.  Though it is supposed to be on NBC now, for the life of me I couldn’t find the damn tournament on TV.  Where is it?

NBC’s affiliate here is owned by the LDS Church.  The Mormons.  It seems they’ve decided that I don’t want to watch Phil Mickelson or the PGA Tour this weekend.  They’ve decided (like they love to do for so many other things in my life) that I want to watch their biannual “general conference.”  The general conference is where the Mormons all gather to presumably discuss how they plan to take over the planet, how they could screw up our liquor laws even more, and how they could further legislate their moral beliefs upon us non members.  And yes I can hear you asking.  There is no separation of church and state here.

Now before you comment in “why don’t you just leave?” comments, don’t bother.  I do plan on leaving.  If it wasn’t so great here otherwise I would have already left.


2 responses to “Mormon owned TV station bumps PGA Tour coverage!?!? WTF? GRRRRRR….”

  1. Tony: Easter greetings from Upstate New York, where Joseph Smith founded what became the LDS “Church”, aka “Mormons”, circa. 1830. We are happy to be rid of him and his sort but sorry for the export of his holier-than-thou legacy to your region some 180 years later. Their inanity is commensurate with their insanity. My condolences, brother. James Long Hale.

  2. MikeJ says:

    This really sucked I HATE when the stupid Mormons put that stuff on over regular programs. Sorry for offending anyone I do live in Salt Lake City, UT so I do have friends that are Mormon but dam don’t they have there own channel for that stuff. Just glad I wasn’t the only one that found this irritating, I was so pissed, my wife actually found this post on your blog looking for info on why they changed the programming. That is how bad she wanted to shut me up on Saturday afternoon.





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