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Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 21st, 2010
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There’s quite a story behind this four wheeled Sun Mountain Micro Cart getting to me.  The unit I have is the fourth one which was sent to me.  Unit #1 I received months ago, but FedEx had trashed the box and broke the mount for the valuables tray.  Unit #2 was shipped as a replacement but I never saw it.  The box was never found and FedEx couldn’t tell us where it went.  I’ll tell you where it went.  It went to a golfing FedEx employee’s garage.  Unit #3 was tracked closely but never delivered.  FedEx told us that they actually had the unit, but they didn’t know exactly where it was.  They searched for over two months, me calling them every week, but nothing ever happened.  So after months and months of dealing with shipping issues, my Micro Cart finally made it.

Sun Mountain Micro Cart Overview

The Micro Cart basically is a four wheel push cart.  But that simple description doesn’t do it justice.  The cart has many cool bells and whistles which make it fun to use and very functional.  The coolest feature perhaps other than that it has four wheels, is that the thing folds up into a little ball and barely takes up any trunk or garage space.  As much as I love my Sun Mountain Speed Cart, folded up it takes up probably over 2x the space the micro cart does.


As mentioned, the four wheel setup makes the cart very stable and easy to push.  Despite having one more wheel than a typical push cart, the unit is very light since it is made out of anodized aluminum.

The Micro Cart folds up in a very small space and is easily carried.  I carry the thing with one hand and my bag in the other and it is easy.  I leave the MC in my trunk because it doesn’t take up too much space.  I always have it just in case an emergency happens and I have to play a quick round of golf.  Below I shot a short video showing how the unit folds and unfolds.

The handle is designed very well, right where your hands want to be positioned.  Some push cart handles were obviously not tested by real golfers but the Micro Cart was.  The handle also has two options as far as positioning goes.  One high and one low, for those who have different preferences on where they like to push from.  The adjustment is easy, no tightening of wing nuts.

Adjustable smart brackets clamp onto the golf bag at the top to hold it in place, without using straps.  The brackets are tightened by two small screws.  This is probably the one critique I have on this unit.  I’m not a fan of this design, especially with a small bag like the one I typically use.

The valuables tray is perhaps the coolest one I’ve seen on any golf cart.  First, the casing is transparent.  So I can see what is inside.  If my iPhone is in there I can see text messages or info from my GPS through the lid.  There is a very strong magnet which holds the scorecard to the top of the lid (also in the video above).  It looks weak, but it is very strong and would hold the scorecard down even in very high winds.  The inside of the tray is padded too, so valuables like glasses, GPS or phones won’t get scratched.

A built in umbrella holder is terrific.  This helps not only in rain (or snow around here), but can help keep you cool in the hot summer by providing shade.

Speaking of the hot summer, a swiveling drink holder is located right beneath the handle for easy access of water, sports drinks or beer on those rough days.


As mentioned, the way the cart clamps onto the bag with the smart brackets could probably have some improvements.  My bag is so small that I have to screw the screws down almost all the way.  Sometimes the bag can rotate if there’s a lot of weight on one side.  I imagine some kind of lock, like the handle height adjustment, would be better at securing the bag.

Final thoughts

I’ve logged about 50 rounds with my Sun Mountain Micro Cart now.  Had I not had all the problems with FedEx it would probably be 80.   The cart is fun to use.  It folds easily and takes up very little space.  Clubs are easily accessed.  Playing golf with the Micro Cart is enjoyable and easy.  I can worry about my game and not fussing with my cart or accessing my belongings.  I have FIVE push carts to choose from in my garage.  The Micro Cart has earned a starting position, which is saying something.

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