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Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
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The hip thing in the last couple of years in the golf world is the three wheeled push cart. Gone are the old days of the Bag Boy pull cart. I own several Bag Boy pull carts, including a deluxe model that comes with a seat.

I’m a golf purist, but my bad back doesn’t want me to throw my bag over my shoulder and carry like a purist does. The awkwardness of having my arm behind me and pulling the two wheeled cart is almost as bad on the back.

Last winter I had a couple hundred bucks in prize money to cash in, so the pro told me to pick up a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. I’m sure glad he suggested the Sun Mountain cart.

The push cart has actual rubber tires with inner tubes and comes with a pump. The cart glides very smoothly and goes easily over rough terrain for those times you miss the fairway. You stand up straight and push the cart which is much better than leaning over and pulling it. “It’s better to push a cart than to pull it.” Sounds like an old Volkswagen commercial.

Since the cart stands up on it’s own 3 wheels, it has a brake just like the ones on your bike. You must use the break on a hill or you’ll get some extra exercise chasing your cart.

There is a small storage bin for you to put keys, power bars, wallet, cell phone etc. On top of the storage bin is a bracket that holds your score card and a pencil. Below the bracket is a drink holder. You can adjust the height of the push handle and of the front wheel to your taste, which makes pushing the cart very easy.

Most of my golfing buddies have the Sun Mountain push cart. I have the yellow one. We compete on the golf course to see who can push their cart down the fairway the farthest.

Your golf bag mounts very easily to the cart. When you’re done the cart folds into a compact shape to fit in even smaller trunks. The trunk in my car is quite small and the cart and a medium sized tour bag fit just fine.

A note about Sun Mountain’s excellent service: When I purchased my Speed Cart it was a floor model from the pro shop. Someone had stolen the pump and also bent the door to the storage compartment. I called Sun Mountain and they gladly shipped me the parts at no charge. Not only that, they didn’t even ask me for a receipt.

I’d rate the Speed Cart an 8/10. It is one of the best pieces of golf equipment you can buy and is extremely well built and solid. I’ve seen cheaper models from other companies. Side by side the Speed Cart blows them away.

Sun Mountain
MSRP $210

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