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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
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So it is January 6, 2010.  I can’t quite remember the last time I hit a golf ball.  Wait, it is coming back to me.  It was last year, December 21st.  For me to go 16 days without playing golf is like Obama going 29 seconds without saying the word “change.”  It is like JD going 12 minutes without a beer, TW going two hours without… oh boy.  Nevermind.

For my last few rounds before Antarctica struck (and don’t get me started on the global warming farce because I’m freezing my golf balls off right now) I played with the new Bridgesone e6 Straight golf ball.  Straight is a good thing on my home course, because left is hazard and right is hazard.  Well, short is hazard and long is hazard too but I can hit a straight ball right into a water hazard short.

Should I start over?  I feel like I’m twisting my own brain into a pretzel.  How one twists three braincells (the max my cranium can hold) into a pretzel is another story… Think my medication prescription ran out?  Nope, it is just winter here.  And winter sucks because I can’t golf.

e6 Straight

OK I have to ask before I do my e6 “Straight” overview.  Is there an e6 “gay” or as I prefer to say in a more politically correct manner, “e6 heterosexually challenged?”

Thank you very much.  I’ll be here all weekend.

OK I promise I’ll be good…

The e6 Straight ball is designed to reduce side spin, thus making the ball fly straighter.  Straight = in play.  Straight = long.  Straight = good.

Cover / 330 Dimples

Bridgestone is famous for their seamless 330 dimple design which aids in control, distance, trajectory and creates a shallow angle of descent.  The cover is soft and thin, helping increase short game spin and stopping power around the green.

Inner layer

Usually the extra layers in golf balls mean more spin.   But in this case the e6 Straight’s enhanced anti side spin layer helps reduce it on longer shots, increasing accuracy.

Gradational Core

The coolest and best feature of any golf ball I’ve tried for some time, is the “gradational core.”  The density of the core varies from edge to center.  The first time I played a ball with a gradational core I was impressed with how long it was, yet it felt so soft.  This is the same with the e6 straight.  The ball feels very soft and compresses easily, making this ball very long for mine and most amateur swing speeds.

On The Course

This ball, which can be found for around $27/dozen, is long but feels soft off the driver.  Actually it feels very soft and nice off of iron shots as well.  It doesn’t hurt my golfer’s elbow which is how I test for softness.  The gradational core helps with that too I’m sure.

Spin? I get plenty of spin out of the e6 Straight too.  I haven’t been much of a “fly it over the pin and suck it back” guy anyway, and the average hack isn’t that guy either.  We amateurs almost always end up short.  Who wants to end up short and then suck it back farther?  Aim at the pin, hit it the correct yardage and watch it stop on the first bounce or two.  Pin high for birdie.  Drain putt.  Collect money.  Buy losing opponents beer.  Next please.

One response to “Bridgestone e6 Straight Golf Ball”

  1. PrintedGolfBalls says:

    All that my golfing buddy plays is the Bridgestone golf balls. I’m sure he’ll be all over these come spring.





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