Cink sinks Watson’s historic bid in playoff at the British Open

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 19th, 2009
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I’m pretty heartbroken that Tom Watson couldn’t pull it together enough to finish off the Open on the 18th, when he made bogey from the fairway.  Had he made par he could have won and notched one of the most incredible feats in sports.

Cink won’t be too popular

Despite having a major victory, Cink won’t be too popular for dashing the historic dreams of Watson and millions of fans, myself included.  That being said, he won a major and deserves the credit.

3 responses to “Cink sinks Watson’s historic bid in playoff at the British Open”

  1. SimonM says:

    I was heartbroken too (especially being in my 50s). Cink was at least very gracious to Tom in his winner’s speech. Tom, likewise was gracious in defeat.

    I have to say, I object to some of the sports headlines I’ve seen this morning in the New York newspapers, like “Tom’s Senior Moment” in the Daily News. The guy led for most of the tournament and was incredible until the pressure of the final chip and putt that would have won the Open. Instead of hailing four incredible rounds, they nailed him for that one missed putt.

  2. MyGolfBook says:

    Sure, it would have been a great story if Tom Watson won. It’s great to see someone that cannot hit the ball 325 yards off the tee be in contention. The commentators said at least 1 thing correctly over the weekend in that this was proof that golf courses/holes don’t need to overly long to be great.

    Let’s not forget about Cink. He grinded out his final 9 holes and stuck with it. He could have easily cashed out his chips and had a top 5 finish in a major but he hung in there and finished strong. Staying focused and picking up a birdie on the 18th shows he played with iron balls and is a reminder to all of us to keep grinding and that it ain’t over till it’s over. Great win Cink.

  3. As he walked off the 16th green on the final day, the enormity of the occasion finally dawned upon everyone. It wasn’t a surprise to hear the voice on t.v. say, “Could this really happen?”

    A couple of months shy of his 60th birthday, Tom Watson was flirting with the thought of capturing his sixth Claret Jug, and in the process, accomplishing one of the most remarkable feats of all time. As slowly as the idea had slowly engulfed everyone around the Ayrshire Coast, that of Turnberry’s son coming back for one last flourish, the end came just as swiftly. It would have been a fairytale that grown men had stopped believing in but it was not to be.

    For all of Stewart Cink’s great work, this Open will forever be remembered for the Watson heroics. But then, I guess, Stewart Cink could not be considered the villain of the piece, not after seeing that embrace with his kids and wife. The man has come close in the past and tasted success on Tour that this was a well-deserved win. He could have taken any other Major, but this one will sting because everyone was rooting for the “other guy”.





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