TPC Sawgrass Trivia

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
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Thanks to my buddy John for giving me a good TPC trivia nugget today.

The TPC Sawgrass Stadium course hosts about 40,000 rounds of golf per year.  They fish 120,000 golf balls out of the water on the #17th par-3 island green (3 of which are mine).  That is an average of one sleeve per player on that hole.

Players are asked to proceed to the drop box after two balls go in the drink but like me, people seldom follow that suggestion.  When I teed up the 3rd ball, my caddy started walking.

One response to “TPC Sawgrass Trivia”

  1. clmax says:

    Hey Tony,

    While I have not played TPC Sawgrass, I have played Tour18 Houston which has the TPC 17th featured as one of it’s holes. When I played it (some tima ago now, perhaps in my second year as a golfer), I managed to hit the front of the green (with a back pin from the men’s tees) and 3-putt for bogey…

    …and walk off smiling 🙂