HOG friend and golf babe Blair O’Neal debuts on The Big Break tonight

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 20th, 2009
Categories: Golf Media

A while back I interviewed the mega hot golf babe Blair O’Neal.  Blair is a male golfer’s dream, a model who golfs.  I suppose she could be a heterosexually challenged female golfer’s dream too, but I digress…

Tonight on The Golf Channel, we’ll be starting back up with the latest installment of The Big Break.  Blair will most definitely be in the trademark Big Break “up skirt super slow-mo” golf swing shots.  Can’t wait.  I also can’t wait to hear them say “someone is going home.”  Man I miss that.

Best of luck to my friend Blair.  If she’d only lift the restraining order…

For more pictures of Blair O’Neal you can visit my Blair O’Neal shrine photo gallery.

4 responses to “HOG friend and golf babe Blair O’Neal debuts on The Big Break tonight”

  1. golfrealist says:

    I don’t get it..why would the LPGA Tour need Blair..when we just have to wait a few more months and well have another 50 Koreans or Chinese or Japanese women who barely speak English but have practiced without sleep for 10 years??? After all..you’d think by this kind of trash you’re pumping the LPGA might have a product to sell…or someone besides the Asian Times might want to photograph..
    Oh..my bad..I’m so regretful for having stated what is obvious to everyone but beyond the pale in polite conversation.

  2. I don’t think the point of this is whether the LPGA “needs” Bair. It needs a hell of a lot more than a pretty face.

    The point is that TGC is trying to make money, so they’re putting on TV what they think is the biggest draw.

  3. pjcedog says:

    The LPGA has problems but almost none of them are because of the quality or number of players of Asian descent playing on that tour today. The solution to this so-called ‘problem’ of too many Asians on the LPGA tour? Play better golf, period. Play better, win more, that is the goal for American golf right now at every level. Good luck to Blair, she is from my hometown.

  4. dufferguy says:

    Blair proves the exception to the rule that distractions on the golf course are bad things. Unless, of course, you are one of the other players.





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