Template test #2… I like this one

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 12th, 2009
Categories: Site News

This template I’m using today is very cool.  I’ve seen one other golf blog using it so far but that is ok because I’ll end up tweaking it a bit anyway.  I’m leaning toward this one because I like the look.  It has a place for my banners to go in the upper right and the column layout is very clean.

9 responses to “Template test #2… I like this one”

  1. 4Checker says:

    This is definitely very clean, and radically different from your old look. Looks more professional. I will have to spend some time on it to see how easy it is to navigate.

  2. Tonyman,

    Click the Thesis link on my blog and head over and read all about it.

    Then email me any questions.

    You will not find a better theme that can do more for you easier, faster and better.

    I can give you a call if you wamt and explain it all in person.

    I’ll point you to a “bunch” of tutorials that will explain it better and give you some insider info.

  3. Thesis does look nice. Does it have dropdown menus? Did you create it?

    I’m pretty happy with this one and I’ll definitely tweak it. I’d like to have 4 columns ultimately….

  4. pjcedog says:

    It may be just me but it looks all washed out. I guess my eyes aren’t that good. I like a little more contrast. The columns and layout and all are fine.

  5. More contrast. I hear you. Funny thing is, many people think the high contrast stuff is too “busy”….

    I guess I should stop trying to be a Holiday Inn Lounge band.

  6. BTW, I still plan on tweaking this layout to see how good my limited geek/css abilities can make it before I decide to go with it. I like the menus though since they clean a lot of “busyness” up.

  7. 4Checker says:

    Hey, don’t knock Holiday Inn. I partied at the Holiday Inn in
    Gurnee, Illinois a few months back. It was the evening after Navy graduation. There were a lot of military parents looking to throw a few down.

    By the way, the comment text box is too big for the column. It goes into never-neverland for a bit as you’re typing.

  8. Ah yes. The result of my wanting the column widths to be different is that the text boxes in the comments are now the wrong size. I can also see previous comments extending beyond the left barrier. Small tweaks. Keep the bug reports coming!

  9. Eat Golf says:

    whoa nice!

    Peeps called me up *ring* sayin it’s a ho-tel party
    just bring the liquor there’s already eight shorties





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