Garcia #1 in the world? Uh, no. I don’t think so.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
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Sergio Garcia has a mathematical shot at gaining golf’s #1 world ranking this week. Mr. “Spit In The Hole” (see video below) would have to win at Doral and Tiger Woods would have to finish 27th or worse. They might as well anoint me #1. It makes as much sense.

I can think of several golfers who are obviously (at least in my walnut sized brain) better at this point, Geoff Ogilvy (two wins this year), Padraig Harrington (two majors last year), Anthony Kim, Phil Mickelson (one win so far this year), even Camilo Villegas.

Perhaps too much weighting has gone into 2nd place finishes? Perhaps not enough for major victories (Harrington)? But then again, too much weighting on majors might skew the slide toward players like Zach Johnson and Trevor Immelman.

And also, this whole discussion can raise the question: How can a player sit out for eight months and still be ranked #1 (Tiger)?

.44 points behind Sergio is Phil Mickelson. Why not any pundits discussing the possibility of Phil becoming #1?

5 responses to “Garcia #1 in the world? Uh, no. I don’t think so.”

  1. Miranda says:

    Maybe they aren’t talking about Phil because of how he seems to always end his tournaments with a choking bad drive so they think he won’t actually make it to #1.

    Plus, they like talking about Sergio because he’s under 30 (they are always looking for the next young gun to make a move on the world of golf). And if they wait long enough, he will say something to the press that will get blown out of proportion and it will be a big ‘news’ day for them.

    The rankings system isn’t that great. They are basically showing us who was playing well two years ago or one year ago rather than now. But, that being said, the players know how to use the system to their advantage. Tiger is the obvious example – how many repeat victories does he have? He plays the same tournaments over and over where he’s won because his odds of winning are better and if he wins more then he maintains his ranking. You’re not going to see him playing in Germany or Switzerland, or Spain, or France. But he sure does like Doral, doesn’t he?

    You asked how he can still be #1 while sitting out for 8 months. I ask how can he be considered #1 when his footprint on the Tour schedules is so narrow? Is someone who wins the same event 6 times really better than someone like Vijay who plays all over the world and wins. Playing it safe or taking a risk and seeing it pay off. I think that’s another debate the golfing world should be having.

  2. Sergio gags just as bad or worse in the same situations. The only difference is that it’s his putting.

    Very good points about Tiger, Miranda. You bring up a point which can be a whole blog post in itself. The fact that Tiger only plays where he’s super likely to win, and he doesn’t play events with courses he doesn’t play well on like Riviera…

  3. Isaac says:

    I aggree. There needs to be a serious re-design of the points system .. past results, win totals, cuts made etc. etc.. no one will come close to Tiger even if he sat-out for two years. btw people, If found this handicapping site that you can use this code to get in half price 😉 ” BLOG-XXUY-JUQF-BHSZ “

  4. nothreejacks says:

    I’m so glad this video is reposted. This is one thing I’ve NEVER been able to get over. I’ve gone back and forth on liking different guys on tour, but I can’t get past Sergio spitting in the cup.

    It’s the most childish thing I’ve ever seen on a golf course and the sole reason I will never root for this guy.

    I expect him to play really well tee to green in Augusta, but the flatstick will kill him again. This year, I’ll be there to see it live!!





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