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Otterbox 9000

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 10th, 2008
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I’ve now reviewed a few Otterbox products and I love them all. Otterbox makes the coolest and toughest cases out there for everything from iPhones, iPods, cell phones, and laptops to cigars.

OtterBox 9000 caseOtterbox 9000

Another great Otterbox product is the “9000.” I think it is named the 9000 because that is how many pounds per square inch the thing could handle before it is damaged? Perhaps it is intact at 9000 feet below sea level? Or maybe it is 9000 for the $9000 you’ll save when protecting your super high end equipment inside the unit in wet or dusty conditions.


The 9000 is a protective, padded storage case with a water tight seal. The case is vertically oriented, good for longer items you wish to protect like sunglasses, camera lenses, microphones etc. I loaned my 9000 to a pal who is a professional photographer and he used it to store some camera/video gear at a couple of gigs outside. The 9000 kept his gear free of dust and moisture and he was able to mount the 9000 on his belt for easy access when he needed what was inside. I had a hard time getting my 9000 back from him!


The 9000 is waterproof up to 100 feet. It is crushproof and airtight. The unit is available in blue, yellow, black and clear.

The case has several ways it can be carried. There’s a belt clip for mounting on your belt. The belt clip can be removed. You can hold or hang the unit via a strong rope attached, or you can hook it via the holes on the case. The holes on the case can also be used to put a small lock on the lid to prevent someone from opening it without authorization.

otterbox 9000Exterior Dimensions:
3.354? x 4.542? x 7.663?

Interior Dimensions:
1.824? x 2.709? x 6.930?


If you have some valuables or professional equipment you need to protect from the elements, or from being run over by someone who has commandeered a tank and is rampaging through town, the OtterBox 9000 would be a superb option.

2 responses to “Otterbox 9000”

  1. kovogolf says:

    Can you use it as a suite case?

  2. If you are a very very tiny person, yes.





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