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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 13th, 2008
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There’s a big bright burning ball in the sky which I haven’t seen in a while called the Sun. I haven’t seen this bright burning ball since around last November. Lack of sunshine, combined with the 5th heaviest Winter snow total in history here, has made it difficult to get certain product reviews done.

Finally, after over three months, the burning ball is back and I’ve been able to log some time outside on the course! Thankfully, I’ve had my new pair of JKruz Eyewear sunglasses to help me deal with the bright light I’d almost forgotten about.

JKruz Eyewear Golf SunglassesJKruz Eyewear

JKruz Eyewear is a fairly new company which specializes in reasonably priced, high performance sunglasses. JKruz’s designs and technology are geared toward making the outdoor experience for every day people to dedicated sports enthusiasts more enjoyable.


My JKruz model is the Tornado, which ranges in price from $85-$100, depending on the color/lens combination. The Tornado comes in five different color/lens combinations:

jruz eyewear tornado models

1. Carbon Frame, Blue Mirror Lens
2. Carbon Frame, Green Mirror Lens
3. Carbon Frame, Smoke Lens
4. Tortoise Frame, Brown Lens
5. Tortoise Frame, Smoke Lens

JKruz Eyewear Golf SunglassesTechnology

The JKruz frames are not only cool looking, they are very lightweight, yet very strong and highly impact resistant.

The lenses provide 100% UV protection (UV400). These lenses are polarized, which allows you to enjoy the golf course or wherever you are without glare. Another very important lens feature is that they’re distortion free. Some lenses warp what you are seeing, especially in the peripheral areas of the lens. This could cause you not only eye fatigue, but it could make you see breaks in a green which aren’t there. Distortion free, means you’re able to perfectly read the contours of the course and the greens.

On The Course

Right now the courses are open but the grass is still dormant. There are a few green patches here and there, but for the most part the course and surroundings are brown and fairly colorless. When I wear my Tornadoes however, the colors on the course and even the browns become much more rich and vibrant. I can’t wait to see some real green this Summer with these babies because I can tell the contrast and colors are going to be even more amazing.

Swinging the club is no problem with the Tornadoes on. They’re so light weight I forget they’re even on my eyes. The lenses cover my peripheral vision and without any distortion, which helps me keep an edge against my playing opponents and old man par.

JKruz Eyewear Golf SunglassesCool Case

The case which comes with the JKruz Eyewear sunglasses is great. Obviously someone there had enough of a brain to realize that a mounting clip on the case is a good idea. I have many other glass cases which get buried in my golf bag. As a matter of fact, I just found and empty one I thought I’d lost. The clip-on case simply hangs on my golf bag from any loop or spot where you can hang your golf towel. This makes it very easy and convenient to store or access the glasses at a moment’s notice. Very nice.


I really love my JKruz Tornado shades. They fit my head perfectly. I’m practically unaware that I’m wearing them on the course, except when I’m noticing how rich, vibrant and detailed the colors and contours of the course really are.

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